Where do I get started?

The first things we need to concentrate on is Security, as with cash it needs to be secured and hidden from prying eyes. It doesn't have to be expensive and can also save you time.


Encrypted USB such as the Intergral Crypto FIPS 197 can be used to store important documents and your Cold Storage crypto wallet


Store all your logins and passwords in Roboform, it can enter them for you, fill in forms and much more, plus it encrypts all the data


There are also hardware crypto wallets such as the Nano Ledger, it's one of the most keenly priced hardware wallets

I am going to teach you what I have learned about Crypto along with how I've earnt. I will teach you all of the tricks and tips I have learned and will leave out all of the failures.

The failures I will share under Scam, as sadly there are some outright scams and some cleaver ones, so when you read up on them you can avoid them.

What I share is basically my personal journey, this may not be right for you as we are all different.

Treat all this as entertainment and not financial advice.

This has been a fun journey for me and hasn't really cost me any out-of-pocket expenses. All of what I share shows how to do this for free, but you can of course add some funds to speed up the process.

This is not some rags to riches story or get rich quick with no work. I treat this like a business, as such I have to put in some work. So will you if you wish to do this right and for free.

Well not much of a team, it's just me, myself and I

Crypto Power

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I love Crypto, it was the start of my investment portfolio and I believe it's going to help me finance all of my investment portfolio


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