Cryptocurrency Basics

WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY? What is cryptocurrency? I’m sure many of you’re curious about this so-called “21st-century money of the long run and thanks to its increasing recognition and security, the cryptocurrency market looks bright ahead. This is one of the foremost commonly asked questions out there. what’s cryptocurrency? to create it simply, cryptocurrency may be a digital version of cash where the transactions… Read More »Cryptocurrency Basics

LocalBitcoin Review

What is LocalBitcoins They are a Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin exchange complete with Escrow service. In the Marketplace users can buy and sell to each other. Buyers can browse the Marketplace to find traders selling in a variety of different payment methods. Sellers called Traders can create… Read More »LocalBitcoin Review


What is PTC AVG, BEP and ROI? AVG (Average): Is the result of divide the amount of clicks of your referrals between a certain periods of time, usually calculated on daily basic. BEP (Break Even Point): Is the minimum AVG you’ll need to at least… Read More »PTC BEP, AVG and ROI