Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Auto Faucet – Flood Faucet – Auto Level

Auto Faucet, Flood Faucet, Auto Level – All three are the same, they make autoclaims for you and increase your level at FaucetHub.

So why would you want to level Faucethub?

  • Your mining EXP is boosted to x5. Instead of getting 1 EXP every 250 hashes you contribute to the network, you will get 5 EXP.
  • Also, instead of getting 0.07% per max 100 levels, you will get 0.05% per max 200 level, which means, the higher level you are, you get more profits.
  • Future update will include a marketplace for your gained EXP. Meaning, you will be able to boost, or reduce your level, by buying or selling your acquired EXP!
  • The higher level you have on site, the more you will be able to get from your referrals. Every 10 levels = +0.1% on your referrals. It's in your best interest to bring more users to the site. It's a win-win situation for both, users & FaucetHub.
  • Higher levels also unlock higher betting tiers on some of the games

The claims keep coming whilst you sleep, go to work, walk the dog, etc


24 Hour


Claim Count




Shortlinks are something you'll need to get used to. For Claim count autofaucts they are a way to increase your time/tokens/counts/bits.

Some play fair and others nefarious. Some of the bad ones, also don't pay out either so scam both users and faucet owners.

Here is a list, which will grow over time which shows the good, bad and how to get around the difficult ones!

OTURLSo SoThe bad point to this one, is it takes forever for the countdown timer to actually start!
EGyCutSo SoThe bad point to this one is you get atleast 2 popups
ShortestGoodIt's quick, unfortunately has a few annoying points. Popup/unders and spamming to accept them
Cut URLSGoodNo funny business, however sometimes the timer gets stuck because of ads, so refresh to fix this
Make URLGoodWorks well, popup (to be expected)
Shortlink winOkayPopup and Popunders, they seem to have remove the button blocking ads, if they reappear it's time to zoom in/out
ShortadzGoodNo problems quick and easy
PowclickGoodNo problm quick and easy, 1 popup
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