February 28, 2020


Claim Free Bitcoins Hourly!

They have Bitcoin Faucet giving their users free bitcoin rewards every hour. They have No minimum withdraw, you can withdraw your rewards after each claim.

Start CPU Mining!

They have a CPU Miner for bitcoin, it gives instant income with live updated stats under your Micro-Generator. Their CPU miner is smooth on most PC/ laptops as long as it use only %10~%20 of your CPU to generate bitcoins. No invest is required to start mining bitcoin from your home.

Free Bitcoin Generator!

You can have Free Bitcoin Generator which is based on their mining farm. You will get free balance within your generator after signup, and low minimum invest (0.0000001 btc) to increase your generator profits, thye have low minimum withdraw as well to withdraw your hourly profits at anytime.


BitCoin Mine is free Bitcoin Mining Game.
Get your own virtual mine and start mining for Bitcoins!
Upgrade your mining farm to produce even more bitcoins!

BitcoinMine is a cryptoeconomics mmog, available in multiple languages. Our goal is to provide the most enthralling bitcoin mining simulation, inside of a virtual economy, to people from all over the world.

Contract Miner

Contract-Miner is a Crypto based mining game. Complete Paid Contracts to start off, rent your first property and start buying miners to take part in ‘Auto-Miner' tasks. This is where you run your own miners for extra profit.

When you start you will get your very first property rent free. Your journey begins from your parents house, this is where you will work your way through the levels and progress to higher tiers.

Once you start grow you will need to expand your property, to hold more miners – This is where you can rent a building from the Agency. Make sure to manage your Bank Finances and keep on-top of the rent payments.

Buy & Sell miners on the Bit-Market to other members, you may even pickup a deal or get a good trade in deal.

With our progressive and rewarding EXP system you will earn bonuses and unlock new items & features the more you play. You can claim your bonuses and gifts in the tasks page and gain new chat icons and colours to show off your level.

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