November 18, 2018

Choosing a mining pool can be difficult with there being so many. First you need to decide what Coin or Algorithm you are going to mine. The right pool is important for maximum profits.

What you need to consider is the mining pool fees, how the transaction fees for a block are distributed, and popularity of the mining pool.

Not all mining pools mine all coins, but here are the most popular pools to join;

  • EOBot – SHA256, Scrypt and X11, payout in many coins. Also has a Faucet for extra free coins. Cloud Mining is currently paused until new profitable hardware is release. In the past you could mine for cloud mining and exchange coins for cloud too.
  • MiningPoolHub – So many coins and Alogrithms. Mining software than mines the most profitable coins, coins can be autoexchanged to your preferred coin. Low fees and Payout thresholds.
  • Zpool – Covers lots of Algorithms and payout in lots of coins
  • Prohashing – Covers the main Coins and Algorithms, not as many a Zpool
  • Antpool (mines about 25% of all Bitcoin blocks).
  • BTC (mines about 10% of all Bitcoin blocks).
  • Bixin (mines about 8% of all bitcoin blocks).
  • F2pool (mines about 6% of all Bitcoin blocks).
  • Slush (mines about 3% of all Bitcoin blocks).

If you can't decide join a few, mine for a bit, compare payouts. Also checkout the fees for each pool, and be wary of the 0% fees as these pools may be keeping transaction fees to cover their costs. Normally transaction fees are split amongst the miners with the block reward.

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