Get your Cointyply balance up to 35,000 Coins ASAP, turn on Interest in Settings and start earning 5% APR interest paid weekly. This will compound interest weekly!

In your Coinpot account, convert all coins on weekly basis to Bitcoin exept for Tokens. When you’re multipliers rise, you can convert more often. The aim is to get 0.0001 BTC which is the current minimum withdrawal and send to the Deposit address in your FreeBitcoin account.

Get your FreeBitcoin balance to 30,000 Satoshis ASAP, turn off Lottery and ensure Interest is turned on to start earning 4.08% APR interest paid daily. This will compound interest daily!

Your now setup to be compounding and multiplying your earnings in the main crypto coin Bitcoin which at it’s peak was work $20k

Keep building up your Bitcoin in FreeBitcoin until you reach 0.092 BTC, at this point you can make weekly withdrawals of about 30,000 satoshi.