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Bits-Pays Review and Guide [Not Paying]

Sadly it seems Bits-Pays is no more, the website is not functional (displaying an error) and recent payouts have not been received. No word from the once chatty admins, once can only assume it's been shut down.

Welcome to an innovative advertising and earning services.

Bits Pays is a new PTC Paid to Click, Faucet, Miner, Investment site, yes it has all of them in one site.

Bits-pays was built from a the ground up on a new system with the mindset to taking into consideration everyone thoughts. It's been 9 month of work to present you with something that will fulfil your needs as a program user.

As it's scratch built, they were able to implement all their ideas in to it. Every member – paid or free, can earn big with their program, they have built it taking everyone in consideration because every single one of you is very important for health of the program.

The sustainment of the site, appears to be based around Advertisements and CoinHive Captcha. There does not appear to be any hidden mining, but there is the occasional popunder/popup. But nothing to annoying.

  • InFrame ads – Coinhive supported Ads
  • Flash Ads – Straight Click Ads
  • Daily Bonus – View 3 Flash Ads to claim
  • Free Miner Game – Below Lvl 10 credits, over Satoshi
  • Company Shares with Healthy Dividends – Paid Monthly
  • Shares Market For Traders – Buy/Sell at Market place
  • Progressive referral commission program
  • Premium membership – Not compulsory
  • Advanced earnings statistics

InFrame Ads

Solve captcha to view ad. Note: As more ads you'll view, the more complicated captcha you'll have to solve!

Earning amount can vary from 10 Satoshi to 100 Satoshi depending on advertiser. Members with upgraded account status earn more from each advertisement.

Flash Ads

Flash Ads are that Ads delivered in a Flash, watch for a few seconds and earn your reward. Rewards range from 5 to 50 Satoshi depending on the advertiser.

Daily Bonus

To be entitled to the Daily Bonus, you must view 3 Flash Ads. You can collect it once per day.

You can generate random bonus as many times as you want if you feel randomly generated bonus does not meat your requirements, generate new bonus by solving captcha again and generating new random bonus.

Do this until you think bonus is good enough this time, and only then collect it.

In future Daily bonus will start generating all sorts of prizes, not only satoshi, like miner boosts and so on, but there will be separate announcement when it will be live.

Miner Game

The miner game is a nice little bonus to the usual stuff that's available within the PTC world. It's free to participate and requires no investment, however you can invest to progress quicker, but it gives you nothing you can't get for free.

First you must find a mine, 100% being the best mine you can find.

You can generate random mine as many times as you want, if you feel that you got low efficiency mine, just solve captcha again and generate new random mine.
It is randomly selected each time and it can be from 10% to 100%. Generate new mines as many times as they want. Once you feel you have right mine, then save it.

Your miner is like real person, he likes to do his mining a lot, so all day he does not do nothing else, but mine. But he is like us, he needs to eat in order to work. Every day you need to feed him if you like your miner or else he downs tools!

To feed your miner, Click main miner picture it the model solve captcha to add five hours of food, you can add more food by repeating these action, please note that maximum you can add 10 hours of food.

Your miner is working and mining credits, those credits are placed to pending credits balance, you have to collect pending balance. Collecting credits will add experience to your miner and his level will grow, you can see how much experience you still need for next miner level. Once required amount of credits needed is reached, miner will be automatically be upgraded to next level.

Keep doing the same, feed him and collect credits and your miner will grow. Once your Miner reaches level 10 he will start mining satoshi's along with credits, credits will still be used to upgrade your miner to higher level, but the collected satoshi's will be credited to your account Main balance.

With every miner level increase, mining speed will increase too, the bigger your miner, the more credits, later and satoshis, he will mine per second.

To increase credits mining speed even more, you can upgrade miner personal tools on the right. Just click tool picture and add points to that tool until his level increases, this will add mining speed.

With only 20 lvl miner, without any additional tools members will mine about 15,000 satoshis per day.

At 100% efficiency with miner level 20 without additional machinery, would mine about 15,000 satoshi's per 24 hours, if miner has food all the time. Maximum food you can add is 10 hours, so if you add food just before it runs out, miner should work 24/7 without any breaks.

Once you reach miner level 20 and you will start mining satoshis too, you will be able to purchase heavy machinery. Heavy machinery is additional tools to speed up satoshi mining speed, once purchased they can be upgraded the same way as miner personal tools.

With every new miner level you will mine more and more Satoshis, each member can see few future levels mining speed in the miner panel, just scroll down the page. So now even if it is harder to reach high level, you already mining satoshi's while increasing your miner level.

There are additional boosts to help you mine even more credits and satoshis. At the moment those boosts are only available with buying premium membership, but soon miner shop will be introduced and you will be able to buy boosts there. But if you like to start mining more and faster already, consider buying our premium membership now.

Now you can help you miner to mine more credits by using your own device to mine credits. Visit Miner Settings page, set mining details and visit Miner Boost page, by using your own device mining power, you will add credits to your miner. On lower levels this can be extremely beneficial and with average PC you can add couple millions credits to miner balance, this will speed up your miners level progress a lot.

Hi All.
Newest miner version has been released. In this new version you will find:
— Improved miner panel with some additional statistics —
— Miner Shop to progress Much Faster —
— Miner Profile, Miner pension and Miner company —

– Miner Age will be introduced –
Basicaly your miner level will directly be as it would be miner age. Maximum miner age will be introduced. After it gets too old, you will have two options, or hire new miner with starting level of 20, or start from beginning with new miner. If hiring miner, all tools level and already purchased heavy machinery stays and is attacked to your newly hired miner, your hired miner starting from level 20. He keeps on mining credits and satoshis. He will be valid until he gets too old, then you will have two options again, start from start or hire new worker.
If starting from new, Tools stays the same level and you receive benefits from them. Miner starts from level 1. If you have any heavy machinery, it will stay with you, but you can not use it until your miner is at level 20 or higher.


We see great interest in our company shares. And there are a lot of questions unanswered, we will try clarify few of them now.
There are 1,000,000 company shares created, 500,000 are spread to Bits-Pays team staff members and the rest 500,000 are on sale for every member. We are not taking anything away from funds invested by our members, instead we decided to take only what we earn our self from dividends distributions. We put a lot of time in to developing and building Bits-Pays that's why we feel having healthy stake of company shares is best reward for us and this way everything is fair and we earn only if program earns. From every purchase on site, or from members deposits, some fee is collected and added to shares dividends funds, once enough funds are collected, share dividends will be distributed. Initially we planned to distribute dividends only when all shares are sold, but we decided to put a guarantee for the first 3 month to distribute share dividends a minimum of one time per month at the end of each month. So first dividends we decided to distribute at the end of January, We have already added bunch of funds from our pockets to distribution pool to guarantee there will be healthy distribution at the end of this month.
We think that first 3 month will be enough time to build Bits-Pays registered members base and once there are good amount of active members, fees will be collected very fast and so dividends should be distributed even more often then once per month, we will decide this later when we will have more data collected.

Company Shares development –
We had received some complains about share market low activity, so further implementations will take place: Soon shares price when buying from system will depend on amount of shares left in system and will rise when there will be less and less shares available in system, and drop if members will sell shares back to system. At the start there was 500,000 shares available for sale from system, soon there will be a 10 satoshi increase in price with every 50,000 shares sold at system. For example: now buying from system one share price is 100 satoshi, once there will be 50,000 sold at system and total number left is less then 450,000 shares price will be automatically increased to 110 per one share, when there will be for example 190,000 shares left in system, shares price will rise to 160 satoshis per share when buying from system. However if someone will sell back to system the price will drop again. In details if there is left in system less then 450k shares buy price is 110, if less then 400k shares buy price is 120, if less then 350k shares buy price is 130 and so on. Highest system buy price can go up to 190 satoshi per one share. This is only for buying shares from system. Shares Market prices will depend on members bids and will rise or fall depending on members them self. This feature will be implemented very soon without any additional announcement.

First company dividends has been distributed successfully!
Distribution went throw smooth and better then we expected. We did not had to turn maintenance on or experienced any issues at all. But this is from what we can see only, If you have any issues, please do let us know, we will take a look and will sort if there is some errors in your case. Again, there should not be any problems as from what we can see, but please do re-check your individual stats your self.
Total Dividends distributed – 1,219,159 Satoshis
Total shares hold by users at that time – 565,030
Dividends per share approximately – 2.157 satoshis.
Please note that your dividends where rounded to full number, so if your personal dividends would be 1003.2 satoshis, actual dividends you received would be 1003 satoshis, this is just an example and your dividends are different taking in calculations your actually held shares number at that time.
— As we mentioned, we guaranteed dividends distribution for first three month a minimum of one distribution per month, but it could be more often if more dividends will be collected. We basically need to collect more or equal satoshis to company shares hold by users in order to distribute dividends.
Probably we will be having guaranteed dividends even further, but we think that there will not be a need for that as when more and more members will register, more and more fees will be collected and distribution should happen naturally.
Dividends where added to account balances and you can withdraw them to your wallet or invest for further account growth, up to you.
Next guaranteed dividends at the end of February, maybe sooner, all depends on our members.
Congrats to all shares holders.

Other Developments

Other developments –
-We are looking in to offer walls and will be implementing some of those soon so you guys could increase your earnings even more.
-We are working on a one more interesting game for our members, but there are still a lot of to do so this new game will take longer time to build.

Free Members

Free Members are able to earn for free just buy viewing advertisers advertisements, referring new users (Progresive commissions), playing free miner game, collecting daily bonus!


Investors have all benefits as a standard members, but also can increase those earnings with premium membership, investing in miner game to buy better mining machinery, investing in company shares and collecting healthy dividends or trading them on share market and making fast profit!


Advertisers are able to do all above and more: Buy advertisements with great results for a cheap price, Receive up to 120% back from InFrame Ads, or receive up to 150% for advertising 728×90 size banner on our program!
Turn 10,000 Satoshis in to 384,433 Satoshis after just 90 Days with US!

With this new miner shop, users who want much faster progress will be able to rent all our members cpu mining power and watch their miner just fly throw its levels. It is now possible to rent all our members cpu mining power for 24 hours period. Once rented, every time, one of members who collect their mining power and adds to their miner mined pending credits, exactly same amount of credits will be added to your miner level credits. This is not costing you your mine reserves, all credits are directly added to your miner level credits. Try it, just rent mining power for 24 hours, navigate to your miner page, and keep refreshing it, you will notice your miner level percentage will be constantly updated and will be constantly growing, once enough for next level, it will be upgraded and you will keep growing until your 24h Super Miner Helper stays active.
You will be able to see stats at the miner shop, Super Miner Helper page. This is one of the cheapest ways to progress your miner to higher level.
— Miner shop contains tools booster option, there you can increase your tools added points per collection of up to 5 times.
— If you don't want to wait and want to get to high miner level super fast, now you have an option in Miner Shop, to just upgrade your miner level to the next, you can keep on upgrading up to a maximum of level 32. We have added this limit to protect new members from maybe expecting too much from miner, maybe thinking that miner is get rich fast module or similar… Which is not. It is just a game where you can make some spare cash in a fun way.

— One of the most important addition to Miner module is Miner pension and related to that miner company.
Miner company is not 100% ready, but it will be soon which will be super exciting addition and this will open doors for many members to make much more cash from our miner game.
Miner pension first:
All miners will have to retire at level 40 but really this is not the end, it is rather beginning of even greater things! Every miner is guaranteed a daily pension, all miners are working so everyone should be able to receive a pension from us. At the moment we set a standard pension to 500 satoshis daily. More important, and we would strongly suggest all our miners to activate it, is pension reserve funds. Pension reserve funds are funds which will be added to your daily pension and your pension will be much higher then a just standard one. If you will have some reserved pension collected, 0.5% of that amount will be added to your standard pension and combined sum will be paid for you on daily basis. You can turn on or off your pension reserves in miner profile page. The sooner you will start collecting it, the more you will receive once your miner will retire.
Retirement is a fantastic way, because now your miner will have time to take on additional business or if not in the mood, just start from first level miner and grow your way up again to level 40. In any case you chose, you will already be getting a pension daily. Your pension is yours what ever you chose.
If you chose to open company and hire workers:
If you'll do this, you will have an option to hire one worker who will be bringing you constant profit, or open a company and hire more workers, this way you will be making BIG profit.
Workers will be our real users and you will be able to hire our users to work for you. Please note that only miner level 20 and above will be possible to hire.
On the other side, you as a member will be able to make even more from your miner if you will be hired. Please note that you will need a miner of level 20 or higher in order to be hired!
These features will be more explained when we will fully implement them, but it should not be too long from now…

This update is a big peace of code and even if we tested everything, there might be some glitches or small bugs in the system, so if you will notice some, please do inform us.

We will continue on our new miner updates soon, but now, we will be fixing few bugs in system and we will start working on a new addition. We will start working on rented referrals system, but as from you probably already noticed, we like to do things differently. This rented referrals system will be no exception.
We will not disclose much at the moment, but we can say that in this system, not only member who is renting referral will earn, but even the rented member will earn too. It will be beneficial for both users as both of them will be making profit, plus this way member who will be rented will be more motivated to be active and at the same time, bring more profit for the user who is renting him.
In short, please give us some time to make this and we are almost guaranteed everyone will like this new feature.

Thank you all for being with us.
Best regards from all Bits-Pays team.

Hi all.
Even if by the time this updates is released the rent referrals feature is not active for our users, we decided to release it now. It is actually in progress already and system is already collecting data for few days now.
Just a note — Renting referrals will be available for Premium members at first, later it will be released for standard members too. We just want to thank our Premium users for trusting in us and buying Premium membership as before this, Premium membership did not had exact noticeable advantages, just some small benefits here and there, where now, it is directly pointed towards Premium users.
— In more details ( Please read everything. IMPORTANT! ) —
Rented referrals addon is common feature on most paid to click websites for years now. It has some minuses and pluses, but at the same time, it is a must have thing.
Probably most users are very familiar with it already as we are sure most of you have tried it already on other sites. Sometimes it is bad experience as rented referrals can be very inactive, or great experience as they might bring big profit for investors. Most of you already noticed that we like to do things different, and this is no exception.
— Let us explain OUR rented referrals system and how it works:
Please note this will be available from Tuesday – 26th February.
— Each member that has been our member for more then 7 days can apply for a job ( to be a rented referral ).
We call it job application. On the left menu, under referrals section, you will find link to apply for a job.
Member will be able to set his own price based on last 7 days earnings from clicking ads and made deposits, because this is ways your referrer will earn from you when he rents you. Earnings are already being recorded from previous Tuesday evening.
User will be able to set from 80% up to 120% price for him self for the premium users and 30% to 70% for standard users based on last 7 days earnings times 4. Why this…? because you will be rented for 30 days period and 7 * 4 is 28 which gives enough accurate earnings scale. Member who will rent you will earn from the same actions that your last 7 days earnings where calculated.
This is a little bit complicated so here is an example: If in last 7 days your combined earning are 1000 sat, then you can set price from from 3200 sat to 4800 sat for premium users and from 1200 sat to 2800 sat for standard users. When someone rent you for 30 days, he will earn from your each ad click and your deposit, so if you earned 1000 sat in last 7 days, you will probably earn about 4285 sat per 30 days, 100% from that will earn premium user and 50% for standard.
When setting your own price, please be vise and do not set too high or too low price because based on your earning for users who will rent you, they will give you ranking at the end of rent period, later users will be able to chose what ranking users they want to rent, so members with low rankings can be left behind and naturally, the ones with the highest rankings will be most likely to be hired fastest. Now what that all rent thing gives you. Please read following: You, for just being a rented user, will earn 30% of your price to your account balance at the end of rent period per single rent. We made possible for a single user to be rented at a one time of up to 5 times, so if you earn good, you can be rented even 5 times, that will give you 150% additional, free, no expenses, and no additional work earnings on top of what you anyway are doing now.
For example earn like 7,000 sats in last week, set price of 100%, be rented 5 times at once, and after 30 days, receive additional 42,000 satoshis just for being an active user with absolutely no additional work involved!
One thing: If you are a free agent and no one hired you, we need you to keep on refreshing your listing, as only members who updated their listings last week, will be available to rent this week.
Be active, click all ads and we are sure you will be hired.
— Now users who are planning to rent referrals —
We just want to repeat our self that this feature will be available for Premium members only at the start, later it will be available for all users.
First round of renting referrals or hiring employees will open at 4th of March. This is because only members will be available to rent that had updated their applications, or have applied the week before this one.
Following is important. Premium members can rent on Saturdays and Sundays of each week ( standard will be able to rent on Sundays ), one time per week. However, if you want to rent referrals earlier then Saturday, you will have an paid option which will be valid for one day ( the day you will purchase it ), but note, that even if you will purchase priority, you will still be able to rent referrals only one time per week. Every new week from Monday, everything refreshes and new referrals are placed in market and your options are refreshed.
Renting ( hiring ) is based on first come first served basis, that means that if there are no users for rent, that means all available referrals for this week has been already rented out and you will need to wait for the next week pool.
Please note, that rented referrals system is direct minus to our funds so we need to have ways of recovering some of that. More paid options will be available in future, but that in no means prevents you from renting, in fact we believe that there will always be referrals available for rent, but we can not guarantee that as it all depends on our users.
When renting referrals, you will select a pack to generate, you will see a total price for it depending on users set price and more other details which will help you decide to finalize your payment or generate new pack. Pack is generated on 80/20 basis, that means 80% of users will be selected from highest earners no mater what price they have set and the rest 20% from the lowest earners, so everyone would have a chance to prove them self. This might be for the best as the total price will be lower and there might be that lowest earners will earn much more then the price set.
There are no option to recycle referrals as you seen on other programs, but the simple fact that user bothered to apply for a job, means that he is most likely to be active user and have interest to stay active.
There are no option to extend your referrals, but in future, when rankings will take place, we plan to make original rent period longer then 30 days and so you will rent referrals for longer that means you might have profitable days for longer.
At the moment rental period will be 30 days, but we might extend it in future, we will see by users feedback and gathered data.
After rent period will expire, users who have rented referrals will be asked to give their rank for each expired referral, this will help a lot in future as users will be able to chose minimum rank users to add in rent referral pack they want to generate.

Premium members have:
500 RR max limit ( we will have paid and free options to lift this limit in future ),
100 RR Pack limit per single rent – maximum 100 rented referrals can be rented per one time,
100% from rented referrals any ads clicks,
20% from rented referrals deposits
Standard members have:
100 RR max limit,
50 RR Pack limit per single rent – maximum 50 rented referrals can be rented per one time,
50% from rented referrals any ads clicks,
10% from rented referrals deposits
You can see premium benefits in Upgrade page.

Again we will just repeat. Rented referrals feature will take effect from Tuesday – 26th February first stage and 4th of March second stage. Apply for a job from 26th February and Premium members will be able to start renting from 4th of March.

— Other details:
We are sending more and more payments daily to all without exceptions. We just want to ask you to give us a hand and help us by posting your payment proofs. You see that we have designed an environment for you to earn big, no mater you are an free member or an investor, please think of giving something back and at-least share your payment proofs, this will help us a lot as more and more members will see that we really do pay and eventually attract more and more users and that's all what we need, more and more Bits-Pays users. From this everyone benefits. This is our only request to you, this is not hard and you could really try to do something in return for program that gives you 100% FREE earnings. Thank you all a lot in advance 😉

One more thing about payouts. If you noticing your request being canceled, that means there is something wrong, that means we have tried to contact you by the email you have registered with us, but if we don't get an response from you, we don't have any other choice but to cancel your payment in relation to trigger your interest so you would contact us your self and ask us why. Please don't just re-request your withdraw, please try finding out why this is happening as if we are not sending you your payment, that means something is wrong and we just can not send it until we get your help with it.

By the way, daily logged in counter should be fixed already, we just wait for new month to arrive and confirm that.

Still, there so many new features and updates for our existing modules waiting our attention, so we don't wait and stuck in our heads in to our screens and continue coding.
Keep your eyes and ears for new updates.

Meanwhile, wish all of you best of luck and great returns.
Best regards from all our team.
Bits-Pays staff.

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