BTCPop Ways To Earn

BTCPop has many ways to earn, some are free and others you can invest, the choice is yours. But start sooner rather than later if you’re going the free route.

BTCPop is an online lending platform, which also comes with an altcoin exchange, a shares market and that supports IPOs, bond funding and trading.

Offices of the company at Majuro in the Marshall Islands and registered there under Registration 86899.

BTCPop Faucet

So the first way to earn with BTCPop is through their faucet, meaning we can start for free. You can claim every 30 minutes.

To help new users get started with proof of stake coins Btcpop has integrated 80 plus altcoin faucet into its platform. The faucet pays out the 2% staking reward fee + any donations to the faucet.

Get started with this early, claim as often as you can so you can build some capital in an altcoin which will be staked (like earning interest).

BTCPop Staking

With BTCPop, your coins are pooled with everyone else’s, they are then staked and a reward each day is paid to each user. This means your income is compounded daily.

They will even earn staking rewards as sell orders or as collateral for BTC loans.

Proof of Stake is a consensus engine like Bitcoin’s Proof of Work, but instead of computers burning electricity hashing, proof of stake uses incentives and disincentives to achieve the same distributed consensus.

BTCPop Savings Account

Currently disabled at this time

BTCPop Cloud Mining

Currently there is no SHA256 or Scrypt power available

BTCPop Instant Account

Investment Accounts were originally built because people had balances doing nothing. Investment Accounts offer you the chance to earn additional revenue from instant loans when they are repaid. These are a great way to get additional income. Your pay out percentage depends on how much you are investing.

BTCPop Investing in P2P loans and Bonds

If done with some simple rules, or only on 100%+ collateralized loans, investing in P2P loans or bonds can be an easy, enjoyable, and profitable endeavour.

Investing on the site is a simple and direct process; lenders first need to open the loan listings and browse the available requests. The system assigns a rating to each user and does its best to spot potential scammers, but manual filtering must be made by the investor.

The platform supports seven types of loans, six of which are available only to verified borrowers. Reputation building loans are quite common on the site and not frowned upon as the social component of the site more or less encourages them.

Lenders can expect a 10+% ARP, with the exact amount depending on the borrower and his stats. On the site’s blog there are some suggested ARPs for the first loan based on the available amount of collateral.

Collateral (% of the principal)Suggested ARP (%)

The site also offers the option of negotiating pending payments, trading them openly in a market as any other asset. History of transactions is kept by at least two months, and it can be exported and downloaded in case the user wants to access that data later.

P2P Investors/lenders are completely in control of their money 100% of the time. So, consequently they are also 100% responsible for their investments. Btcpop prides itself on its free-market open nature, but that also means investors must make investment decisions themselves. For doing this, investors earn 100% of the interest on P2P loans, but they also take on all of the risk.

Dividend Shares

In most cases shares are as high or higher risk than P2P loans/Bonds so be careful. But a fun way to earn is to simply hold or trade dividend paying P2P shares.

P2P shares enable users to issue globally trade-able shares via an IPO within the platform. Users can also issue existing private shares on Btcpop in order to utilize Btcpop’s exchange and dividend paying functionality. And all shareholders get the ability to use those shares as collateral for P2P loans.


IPOs require a common agreement between the parts to trade shares back.

BTCPop Exchange

Unofficially called “The Staking Exchange” is quickly becoming a core aspect of Its main differentiation point is that all proof of stake coins are automatically staked for users and rewards distributed for all deposits in the platform.


If you don’t have time to claim for yourself, Btcpop’s program pays a bonus of all altcoin claims made by your referrals, which grows your altcoin balances without any claiming at all. Btcpop’s affiliate program also pays back a portion of referrals repaid loans.

  • Faucet rewards: Affiliate receives 25% of all claimed rewards from their referral.
  • Repaid Loans: Affiliate receives 0.5% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans UNDER ฿5.0 and  0.25% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans OVER ฿5.0
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