February 28, 2020

What's a Clicker?

So a clicker is a faucet where you pretty much have to repeatedly click and then every so often complete a Captcha or a Shortlink. Kinda boring, but very easy.

A clicker that's been around for a while was SimplySato, there were a few posts that it was a scam, none proven, but SimplySato has disappeared.

Two clickers that have been around a while and proven payers are

QuickieBTC and MoneyClicker

In QuickieBTC you click on shortlink/ads and you are rewarded in Satoshi payable to your FaucetHub Account

Money Clicker is a bit different, you click the Mine button to earn from your mine, every so often (depends on your Ad settings) you will have to complete a Shortlink and Captcha.

You can buy various upgrades and offline miners, so quite a few ways to earn.

There is a levelling system which allows you to buy better mines or upgrade your current mines.

Withdrawals can be made in Bitcoin direct to your wallet or via FaucetHub. Also you can withdraw to Paypal!


So a newer one I'm trying is SmashBTC, basically click to smash boxes and randomly they will spawn bitcoin of a random amount.

The minimum withdrawal is quite high, so will take a while before I can say if it's legit or not.

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