Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Cloud Mining instead of mining rig?

Cloud Mining, Why might you want to instead of Building a Mining Rig or using an ASIC.

Mining Rigs and ASIC/">ASICs gobble electric, give off so much heat you turn your boiler off and are as loud as hell, it's understandable if you don't want one or more in your home.

I had to get extra long CAT5 cable and stick mine in the kitchen at the back of the house even then I can still hear it upstairs in bed, next move is to the shed!

So what other options do we have, well there is Cloud Mining. They work on the basis that they own a big farm of mining equipment, they sell contracts to mine and you receive a profit (less Electricity and Maintenance costs). Contract ends either at Expiry or if Difficulty and Fee's make it unprofitable.

There are 100's of Cloud Mining Companies, but 99% are Scams, HYIPs and other skull duggery.

Even the genuine ones don't have the best reputation.

So here is a list of the real deal;

Genesis MiningUse code TqXSMD for a 3% Discount!






Expect Return of Investment to be about 6 months, so think of it as a long term investment with risk. If you time it wrong and difficulty rises so does your payback period.

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