Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

CMG VMP Crypto Mining Game Virtual Mining Pool

‘ve been using Crypto Mining Game since it launched, it’s a very stable faucet and popular

CMG Crypto Mining Game is a legit faucet

I've been using Crypto Mining Game since it launched, it's a very stable faucet and popular. It's had it's moments where the site is slow, but being popular means it get's it share of flack. But I've always found it to be reliable in payouts direct to FaucetHub.


So at time of writing we're up to update 1.061, Jamboom the site owner makes regular updates not only to bug fix but to add new features.

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VMP Virtual Mining Pool

So VMP is part of one longer term update, many features are are being added to get to his end goal, which is adding a true gaming feature.

One of the first things to be added were cards 

CMG VMP CryptoMiningGame Virtual
Got to gettem all

Keeping Up to Date

The best way to keep up to date with this faucet is to subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch the video's to understand how the updates work.

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