February 28, 2020

So far we've covered all the tricks and tips for maximising your earnings through the Coinpot faucets.

However there is another way you can profit and it became simpler with the introduction of the Coinpot Token.

First thing to do is get familiar with looking at charts, I use CryptoCompare and set it to look at the Crypto I'm looking to trade e.g. DOGE and the Fiat Currency of $USD.

I used USD because 10,000 Coinpot tokens is worth $1

On the chart, I used Line Chart, and set a SMA30 and SMA13 Indicator, below is a shot of what it looks like.

Basic/">asically you Buy coinpot tokens when the SMA13 is above the SMA30, then sell the coinpot tokens when the SMA13 is below the SMA30.

That's it, really is that simple, extra profit from two simple transactions.

You can also do this cross crypto, just look at the crypto pairs and do the same, just think of one currency as the base and imagine it's $ if it makes it easier to understand, then apply the same principle.

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