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The Cointiply website is one of the best faucets out there, it’s kind on their third evolution following the close down of their mine game. Even though they closed the mine, they re-reimbursed everyone, now that’s amazing, given the amount of site that take your coin and run!

Earn Crypto

One thing you definately want to do is claim every day, you can claim as often as once per hour, but claim atleast once daily to build up your loyalty bonus by 1% a day all the way up to 100% after 100 days.

Another neat feature if after you reach 35,000 coins (coins are pegged to USD) you start to earn interest at 5% which is paid weekly and compounds weekly. Just don’t forget to turn on interest in your profile.

There is alot to the cointiply website which can be a little confusing at first, but stick with it, it’s going to be a good earner for us.

The payout rate on the faucet is better than most, but the faucet is only one way to earn coin.

There is also something else which boost your faucet payout on top of the bonus loyalty you have earned, it’s called the Cointiplier.

Is Cointiply Legit or a Scam

Cointiply is definitely a legit paying and not a scam. Back during it’s second version of the site, there was a mining game, but there was a bug which meant users earnt more than the site was bringing in via revenues.

All users were reimbursed for their losses and the third version of the site the one you see today was born.

Cointiply never misses a payout and is one of the longest running trusted faucets.

Cointiply or Cointyply

The correct spelling is Cointiply, however it’s commonly misspelt as Cointyply as if you’re trying to pronounce the name it sounds more like the spelling Cointyply. So if you’ve been researching for Cointyply and not getting many results this is why, luckily no one has registered that spelling as a domain to try and scam people.

Cointiply Faucet


The primary way that you make money on any faucet is through the claim. Cointiply has one of the best faucets out there. It’s attached to a progressive jackpot, which as of now is for 115,113 coins.

On average, I make around 37 coins per claim, but I could have made anywhere from 20 to 252 coins. The amount depends on the roll, the Cointiplier plus there is a Loyalty bonus ontop.

The Cointiplier rate determines how much you can earn from each faucet claim. The higher the rate, the more you earn. The payouts listed next to the faucet are determined with your Cointiplier rate. How the Cointiplier is worked out is a bit of a mystery, but there are some tips which definately improves it.

Everybody starts with a rate of 1.5x. It is determined based on Cointiply’s own secret algorithm, which is based on your level of activity (offers, surveys, videos, referrals, paid per click ads). The rate is adjusted daily.

Cointivity The Game

Cointivity in addition to Cointiplier is a way to boost your earnings. By gathering CointiPoints which are rewards issue for every 10 coins you earn you can boot your earns through Contivity.

You also earn experience points for every 10 coins earned, the more coins you earn the higher your level will rise and the more slots you will have to place your items in.

The items are used for your mining business. The more items you collect the more successful your business will be. You can only collect items if you have a slot to place that item in. Each level unlocks more slots which will increase the items you can use.

There are two types of items you can use in your mining business; Equipment and Consumables.

Consumables are items that are consumed or used in a short period of time. They are short-term in nature and the earnings boost from consumables is temporary.

Equipped Items are items that are part of your equipment. They are long-term in nature and they boost your earnings permanently.

Each item has a rarity, With Rare Quality being the highest value, Uncommon in the middle and Common being the least valued.

Everyone starts off with 1 of each slot, 1 for Consumables and one for Equipped.

Reaching higher levels unlocks further slots.

There are a maximum of 4 Equippable Items slots, the last being unlocked at Level 71.

And a maximum of 8 Consumable Item slots, the last being unlocked at level Level 67.

The more items you have, the more of an earnings boost you will have.

Where can you find items?

You can buy Pods with either CointiPoints or coins. Every Pod contains three items.

The higher quality the Pod, the higher your chance of getting Uncommon and Rare items, which are worth the most.
In these Pods you will find “items”

Cointivity Collections

Cointivity Collections are a way to get an even higher earnings boost. This is a great way to maximize earnings if you know you’re going to be on Cointiply for a few hours.

Each collection requires a different group of items. The most valuable Collection also has the most Rare and Uncommon Items.

When you have all items in a Collection, a “LOCK IN” button appears on that Collection. Click the button, and you will be asked to confirm that you wish to activate the Collection.

Remember, that you can use the items to boost earnings or you can sell them for coins.

Cointiply Paid to Click (PTC) Ads

Cointiply has paid to click ads which are submitted by users of the site. You earn coins for visiting a webpage and they’re available all around the world. Earn from 8 coins up to 20 coins per Ad.


This is one of the most passive ways to earn coins because all you have to do is pull up a video and have it streaming.

You just have to open the videos page from the Cointiply website and you are ready to go. You need to see 3 ads before your account will be credited. You earn points for every three ads that plays between videos.

VideoFox is US only, but HideOut.TV allows most countries.

Offer Walls

Cointiply offer-walls are a great way to earn coins. According to the website, top users earn 100’s of thousands from offer walls. The most popular offer walls are Theorem Reach, Tap Research, Adscend Media and Adgate Media. There are more than a dozen others. They are all different, so find one you like and work it. The good news is, you have variety.

Cointiply Surveys

Offer walls are great, but the #1 way people earn in Cointiply is surveys. Tap Research, TheoremReach, and Revenue Wall are all great places to do surveys. You also have Jungle Surveys, which is available for all countries and has no daily limits. It is not unusual for one survey to pay thousands of coins (keep in mind that as of today 1,000 Cointiply coins is equivalent to approximately 1,000 satoshi.)

Earning Interest

As of December 1st, 2018 Cointiply pays 5% annual interest on coin balances over 35,000 coins. Remember, in today’s terms, 1,000 coins is approximately 1,000 satoshi, which is approximately $.10. So, 35,000 coins is approximately 35,000 satoshi or $3.50.

To earn interest, you have to maintain this balance and make at least 1 claim each week. To start earning interest, you need to go to the settings page and toggle the “Enable Interest” switch and then save your settings. Interest is paid every Sunday night.

2FA Login

As a word of caution, be sure to place a 2FA on your account if you have enough to earn interest. You can find the 2FA set up in settings. This is an important feature of protection for your cointiply login.

Cointiply Payout and Withdrawals

Cointiply gives you several ways to withdraw your coins.

  1. You can withdraw to your DOGE wallet (processed in 24–72 hours) when you have at least 50,000 coins.
  2. You can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet (processed weekly) when you have at least 100,000 coins.

Cointiply Multiplier

You can wager as few as 10 coins or as many as 50,000 coins in Cointiply’s multiplier game. The maximum multiplier is 61.3x so you could make as much as 613 coins from a 10 coin wager, but it’s highly unlikely.

When you start a new round of the Cointiply Multiplier you will be presented with 11 different “targets” on the screen. The targets look like small white circles. If you win, you can either press your luck or play it safe and click the “Take Win” button at any time to claim your coins and end the round.

Cointiplier and How To Increase It

The Cointiplier algorithm is proprietary and designed by the Cointyply team, but there are many ways you can increase your Cointiplier.
By being a loyal user, leaving the webpage open, completing offerwall actions, clicking on PTC ads, watching videos, playing games, and refer active users which do the same.
All of these things can help boost your Cointiplier, and as more features to the site, they might increase your Cointiplier too.

Cointiply ios app review

Bad news there is no review of the cointiply iOS app as it doesn’t exist. There is one in the works but with Apples view in the store of crypto it’s unlikely to make it to iPhone anytime soon.

So currently if you see any kind of iPhone app for cointiply it’s a fake, you can however access the site using a brower such as chrome on your iPhone.

And some offerwalls pay out more if you use a mobile device.


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