November 18, 2018

Creating a Crypto Wallet

The first step to creating a Crypto Wallet is to download and install the one provided from the site supporting the coin you are interested in.

Usually at that point you can generate your wallet address key pairing.

Wallet software will then connect to the internet and begin downloading the blockchain, this can sometimes take a very long time, so go to bed and in the morning hopefully it'll be done lol

Jaxx Crypto Wallet

I personally use a Multicoin wallet called Jaxx Liberty, it has browser addon and Mobile editions, with Desktop coming later. It uses a string of words for Wallet recovery which is pretty simple but effective and secure.


The other option is to use an online wallet provided by an Exchange, personally I use Coinbase. You will get $10 (£7) of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 (£77) of digital currency!


Xapo is a Wallet and Microwallet provider. They have Online and a Mobile App, 2Factor Authentication.


Another is Bitfinex, this is for the more serious trader. New accounts will not be able to trade or perform any platform function until they reach a minimum account equity of 10,000 USD, achieved by depositing cryptocurrency.

Hardware Crypto Wallets

For Hardware Wallets, the top players in this market are Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey.

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