February 28, 2020
Level 16

Starting Out

Daily Bonus

Go here every day, each day your multiplier goes up. Miss a day and it resets. When you reach the end of the month, your multiplier resets.

You can find Energy, Crystals, Mining Power or Satoshi's.


Energy is what allows you to run missions, think of these like faucet claims.  The max amount of energy you can have is pegged to your level, so Level 5 is 5 energy.


Crystals are what allows you to mine. It costs 1 Crystal per level and each crystal allows you to mine for 10 minutes. You can find Crystal by doing mission, playing and winning lottery, or complete surveys and offers. With premium Crystal chances while doing missions goes UP TO 80%

Mining Power

Mining Power is something you want to raise as quick as possible. Once you reach 1000 HPower you unlock Premium, which allows you access to more Alt Coins, plus each HPower over 1000 increases your mining rate. 

More Advanced

Mining for real

You need to be Level 5 before you can use browser mining.  When you browser mining you earn 4 things at the same time, yes, you read that right 4! You get BTC, LTC, Doge and HPower!


You need to be level 8 before you can buy additional crystals and energy for Satoshi


Play Lottery to win the Jackpot! You can get tickets with your coins! Jackpot increase every 15 minutes depends on total tickets! One ticket cost 10 sats and you will win 1 XP for each one you buy. 

Earn More Crystals

Offerwall where you fill some surveys and offers to win a greatt deal of crystals (like almost 2000 crystals for one).


You can try to win some VR headset, smart watch & co by buying tickets with your sats. 


You can either deposit some sats or reinvest to buy more hashpower.

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