February 28, 2020

Cryptocurrency Education get Schooled

Welcome to MyCryptoPower here you will find plenty to increase your Cryptocurrency Education.

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Don't be in a rush, read through each chapter so you get a background knowledge. Learn what Cryptocurrency is, it's uses, how to earn invest. This site aims to be your complete Cryptocurrency Education portal.

Cryptocurrency Education Hard Lesson

So our first lesson for today is, check your accounts on a regular basis. This was the first mistake I've made. FaucetHub was the main microwallet service, it'd been running for a long time, many users, excellent feedback.

Well I took a break from Cryptocurrency Education over the Christmas period. Upon my return the owner MexicanTarget had decided to cease services and there was a deadline to withdraw funds.

Sadly I'd missed that deadline and lost all my coins I'd been saving.

It wasn't a scam, but many countries are now finding their governments are putting legislation in place so they can regain control and erode peoples privacy.

Lesson learned, check accounts regularly, withdraw to wallets you own the private keys too.

As you go through the learning, you will learn about the many pitfalls, the scams, the less than truthful. Many of the negatives you will find in the Crypto world are just the same as you find in everyday life, there are people who want to help move your money into their pockets with wild promises. In the cold light of day, you'll see it from a mile off, but at the time someone's offering you 10% returns per day, you get caught up in the moment with the flashy website, testimonials, payment proofs, social media profiles. So don't beat yourself up if you fall for a scam, use it as a learning for your Cryptocurrency Education.

There is lots to learn, we are going to cover the basics such as Passwords to the complex such as Bitcoin Mining.

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