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Faucethub Review

Faucethub is owned and run by MexicanTarget who was the owner of the now defunct FaucetGamingNetwork.

There have been several micro wallet providers, but over time they have all closed and the dominant one to outlive them all was Faucethub. I really don't expect that to change, there is so much support.

FaucetGamingNetwork was a group of sites, my favorite was VirtualPub, but they all closed so MexicanTarget could concentrate on FaucetHub.

Things seem to be stable and Max has recently bought PTCWall, a very popular AD Wall within PCT sites, PTCWall now pays out in Crypto, so this could be a game changer in the PTC universe, which doesn't have the best reputation, there are so many, but quite a few scams or failing businesses.

There are several Mods/Admins that help Mex, they pretty much cover 24/7. Some of the more active are Crypto_Womble, x2216 and mdshare. They are very friendly and helpful, so long as you abide by the rules. I've had some very informative chats with them on various subject.

You'll find me around the Faucethub chat most days, under the name of ryptk33p3r, feel free to tip me 🙂

The site is very active, supported by chat, forum and support tickets.

I really can't fault the site, if I'm being picky, I'd like the Exchange to be improved, but if that's the only bad thing I've got to say, it's all good.

So don't delay, get signed up and start earning!

Faucethub Bot

I've put Faucethub Bot right at the top, as I though it best to get this out the way. Just don't do it, they have fraud detection systems in place for multiple accounts, VPN's etc. There really is no point trying to game the system, plus as pretty much the only microwallet service, get banned and it's over for you.

Faucethub Account

Your faucethub account is like having a multicoin wallet, you can collect small fractions of a coin paid out by sites as rewards and when you have enough you can withdraw out to your coin wallet.

There are two types of users, Normal and Premium.

Premium membership costs 5000 sats per day, with a discount for purchasing more than 30 days.

Some of the benefits of premium membership include:

  • For Owners & Users: Reduced trade fees in the Exchange from 0.5% to 0.3%
  • For Owners & Users: Access to the Premium Ticket Bot & Rambo Dice Bot
  • For Users: Unlock access to the full & unrestricted Top Faucets list
  • For Owners & Users: Post clickable links and formatted text in the chat
  • For Owners & Users: Your chat username will receive a and become decorated, showing off your title
  • For Owners: Your faucets are automatically put into the Premium Faucets list and get seen by everyone
  • For Owners: Receive an email when your faucet is out of funds and requires a top-up
  • For Owners: Your faucets are protected by our Transparent Anti-Fraud System
  • For Developers: Access to the exclusive Faucet List API for building external list sites & rotators

Faucethub Chat

When you first start at Faucethub it can be a little confusing. Don't be tempted to jump straight into the chat, no matter how tempting it might be.

There are a few rules you need to be aware of and your reminder will come along with a Ban, the length of which can escalate for repeat offences.

Promoting referral links in public chat is not allowed. If you do this, you will get chat banned and for every repeating offence the ban duration will get doubled. Make sure you have Read the Chat RULES before you post anything!

If you want to BUY/SELL/TRADE currencies with other users, we encourage you to use our Currency Exchange. Trading between other users via chat is at your own risk, if you get scammed we will NOT help you!

Talking to server botsRainmasterTipmasterBanmasterLotteryWinnersRockPaperScissors, or TalktotheHand is considered rain leeching and is not allowed. If you continue the same behaviour, you will be banned from chat.

Every hour half of the Rainpool is emptied on 50-120 lucky users x5. Claim from faucets and chat to be eligible!

/me message – Speak an action message

/rain amount numberofusers currency – Make it rain!
e.g. /rain 1000 10 BTC rains 1000 BTC satoshi on 10 users

/pm user message – Send a PM to another user

/ignore user – Ignore another users chat messages

/unignore user – Remove a user from the ignore list

/ignorelist – List users you've ignored

Faucethub How To Tip

Something that takes a little getting used to is How To Tip

In the chat box use the following command /tip user amount currency

Example usage as follows

/tip ryptk33p3r 100 BTC

/tip ryptk33p3r 1000 LTC

/tip ryptk33p3r 10000 DOGE

I think you get the Idea if you are familiar with Faucethub

Faucethub Login

Log into your faucethub account

Faucethub Address

So you don't have a Faucethub address, but what you do is enter your existing coin addresses into the Wallet page, then use the same coin addresses when you use/register at the Faucets.

Faucethub currently supports 14 digital coins, namely, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Monero XMR, Litecoin LTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Bitcoin Cash BCH, ZCash ZEC, DigiByte DGB, BitCore BTX, Blackcoin BLK, DASH Dash, Peercoin PPC, Primecoin XPM and Potcoin POT.

Faucethub App

There currently is no faucethub app, but the site works quite well on mobile devices. Be vary careful if you see Apps they could just be there to take advantage of your hard work.

Faucethub How It Works

Sign up, record your wallets, head over to sites, earn. It really is that simple

Faucethub How To Earn

You can earn Bitcoin and other Altcoins at Faucethub. Initially most people start with Faucets, you get rewarded for completing a task and it's then paid into your faucethub account. Click on ‘Sites' and you'll be taken straight to a list of most faucets certain Premium faucets are reserved for Premium users. Check out my lists for the very best in Premium faucets.

Chatting is rewarding, but be helpful, ask questions or be interesting, don't spam. Spamming links will get you banned, saying 1 word or repeating stuff will get you flagged as a ‘Leecher' so don't risk it. People add coins to be rained on lucky users and advertisers pay for the rainpool, so if you're lucky you'll get coins rained on you into your account. Be helpful and someone might tip you some coins.

The Offerwall in the ‘Free Bitcoin' section is where you'll find walls of tasks, which could be from clicking an AD to completing Surveys. Offerwalls can be geographically targeted so not always available. But they can have some of the best earning potential.

Should you like a little flutter then under the ‘Games' tab, you find a couple of games such as Dice, Rock-Paper-Scissors and a Lottery. Winnings can be big, but so can the losses. Also Games are not available in every area, for instance if you're in the UK, you'll be excluded.

Faucethub Faucets

There are 1000s of Faucets on Faucethub, each one requires something of you to earn, so of those requirements might annoy you, so there are always plenty to explore until you find what is right for you.

Below are some handpicked faucets which are consider Premium.

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Faucethub Autoclaim

Faucethub Autoclaim is a method to either earn passively whilst you sleep/work or to help you gain Levels within Faucethub or both!

The ones below are handpicked because they are stable, paying and premium quality.

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Faucethub Mining

Another way to earn at Faucethub is to mine, you can do it directly in Faucethub, however it pays in BTC Satoshi, might not be the highest paying and for other coins you need to exchange. So below are some they allow you to choose what coin to earn and at some of the best rates, also they have command line mining to earn much more than you can from Web Mining.

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Faucethub Levels

Every 10 levels the colour of your name changes in chat up to level 150.

Gaining higher levels will also unlock higher betting tiers on some of the games.

If you mine directly in the Faucethub website you'll get 5 EXP every 250 hashes you contribute to the network. Level will also give you mining bonus you will get 0.05% per max 200 level, which means, the higher level you are, you get more profits.

Future update will include a marketplace for your gained EXP. Meaning, you will be able to boost, or reduce your level, by buying or selling your acquired EXP!

Sometimes you'll see in the chat a user gains 10 levels within seconds, this is because the user didn't login for some time but earned while not online at FaucetHub, as soon they logged on their Experience got added and get multiple level ups.

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