Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Febbit Faucet Game Guide

It’s a mining simulator, in that it’s virtual and not using your computing power to actually mine. The aim to increasing your earnings is to Install and Upgrade your chips.


What is Febbit?

Febbit is a new kind of faucet where it's based on a game, albeit a simple one.

It's a mining simulator, in that it's virtual and not using your computing power to actually mine. The aim to increasing your earnings is to Install and Upgrade your chips.


Rewards are issued once per hour when the block rewards happen, you have to actively collect these, they don't happen passively.


Febbit has several chip types which we will now discuss;

  • Energy Cell – Increases the length of time Feb will mine without getting a new monster
  • Overclocker – Increase Mining Rate when Boost is pressed (Lightning Symbol)
  • Thermal Regulator – Increases the duration of Boost (Lightning Symbol)
  • Central Processing Unit – Increases Mining Rate
  • Capacitor – Allows rewards to accumulate past the 1 hour mark (Passive Earning)

Chips also have Levels and Grades, the higher they are the more effective they are. Chips have levels 1 to 6, with 6 being the best.

Dust, Coins, Febbit

You will earn chips every time you level up, but also you can get them by completing missions or buying them in the shop.

Dust is earn by completing a specific mission, selling a chip or purchased in the shop.

There is also Coins and Febbit, these are currencies that are used to either Level up your chips or make purchases in the shop. These are earn as rewards from the Block, Missions and from the Shop.

Inventory and Shopping

Your inventory is where all your chips are kept, but it's limited so you will either have to sell chips or purchase Inventory upgrades in the shop.

Whilst we are talking about the shop, your shop keeper changes every 90 minutes and so does the stock they hold.


How you plan your chip setup is up to you, how active you are will determine what setup you ultimately end up with, but the luck of the chip drop may determine your direction along the way. Experiment and see what works for you.

This is my current setup

My Current Loadout

Another suggestion is;

  • 1 Energy cell
  • 2 capacitor= To recieve more BTC even offline
  • 3 thermal regulator= Increase the boost time and receive massive btc.
  • 2 overclocker= Multilpy power everytime you boost.
  • 1 central Processing Unit= It gives High Mining Power.

Another is;

  • CPU x3
  • Thermal Regulators x2
  • Overlocker x2
  • Energy Cell x1
  • Capacitor x1

Chip Upgrading

Firstly, you can upgrade only MK4 and MK5 chip types. Secondly, you must have 10,000 Dust and 10,000 CR. And the last thing, you have 3 same chips, 4 subtype chips and 4 same MK level other chips.

I will give an example for easier understanding:

For example, I want to upgrade MK4 (Purple) Overclocker Chips. For this, I must have;

  • 10000 Dust
  • 10000 CR
  • 3 units MK4(Purple) Overclocker Chips
  • 4 units MK3(Dark Blue) Overclocker Chips

4 units other(including overclocker and it does not matter which chip is) MK4(Purple) Chips

As you can see, upgrade is a rather expensive process. Therefore, I advise you to think carefully and make your decisions carefully.

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