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v1.0.1 Last Updated 18.11.2018

DISCLAIMER: This is a guide based on my experiences with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is not an endorsement of the goods or services mentioned in this guide. This is not legal advice or financial advice and any investments you make in cryptocurrencies are at your own risk and you should seek advice from a professional financial or legal advisor. The author has tried to make the guide as accurately as possible at the time of writing, and takes no responsibility for the information given in this guide.

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1.0 Cryptocurrency Education

1.1 What is Cryptocurrency v1.1

1.2.1 What is Bitcoin v1.1

1.2.2 What is Litecoin v0.0

1.2.3 What is Ethereum v0.0

1.2.4 What is Monero v0.0

1.2.5 What is Dogecoin v0.0

1.2.6 What is Bitcoin Cash v0.0

1.2.7 What is ZCash v0.0

1.2.8 What is DigiByte v0.0

1.2.9 What is BitCore v0.0

1.2.10 What is Blackcoin v0.0

1.2.11 What is Dash v0.0

1.2.12 What is Peercoin v0.0

1.2.13 What is Primecoin v0.0

1.2.14 What is Potcoin v0.0

1.3 What is an Alt-Coin v1.1

1.4 What is Crypto Mining v1.1

2.0 Alt Coins

2.1 Strong and Trusted Alt Coins v1.1

2.2 New Alt Coins v1.1

2.3 Alt Coins that have unique features or a good team behind them v1.1

2.4 Cheap Alt Coins v1.1

2.5 What exactly is an ICO v1.1

3.0 Wallets

3.1 What is the difference between ‘Hot Wallets’ and ‘Cold Wallets’? v1.1

3.2 Pros & Cons of Wallet Types v1.1

3.3 Creating a Wallet v1.1

3.4 Online Wallets v1.1

3.5 Cold Wallets v0.0

3.6 Hardware Wallets v0.0

3.7 Cheap solution to a Hard Wallet v0.0

4.0 Mining

4.1 CPU and GPU v1.1

4.2 Mining with Computer v1.1

4.3 ASICs v1.1

4.4 What is the difference between solo mining and pool mining v1.0

4.5 The best mining pools v1.0

4.6 Where to buy ASIC miners v1.0

4.7 What is a mining rig? v1.0

4.8 How to build a mining rig v1.0

4.9 Cloud Mining v1.0

4.10 Mining on Mobile Phone?

4.11 Mining on Tablet? 

5.0 Buy and Sell

5.1 Safest and best places to buy & sell Cryptocurrency v1.0

5.2 Selling tips and marketplaces to avoid v1.0

5.3 Buying tips and marketplaces to avoid v1.0

6.0 Crypto Stock Trading

6.1 Best places to trade Cryptocurrency stocks v1.0

6.2 Tips on stock trading, reading signals v1.0

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