Learn the ways of Free & Easy to Earn Crypto

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So you want Free Crpyto?, Easy Crypto?, Earn Crypto?, well you’ve come to the right place.

Free Crypto

Can you get Crypto for Free, well yes you can, however in the beginning it’s far from passive and takes a little work on your part.

By completing small tasks such as Watching a Video, you can be rewarded in Crypto.

However, before you begin that, there are some essential things you need, that is a Main Wallet and Micro Wallets.

These are electronic wallets which you’ll keep your Free Crypto in, to begin with you’ll receive payment into your Micro Wallet and over time you’ll be able to withdraw them to your Main wallet.

From there you’ll be able to do lots of interesting things with your earnings.

First things first, to start getting Free Crypto you’ll need a Coinbase account, it’s free to make one and you’re under no obligation to purchase Crypto. Under rewards you’ll find tasks which teaches you about Crypto and in return you’re given Free Crypto.

Currently the rewards are worth up to $34 worth of crypto. Discover how specific cryptocurrencies work — and get a bit of each crypto to try out for yourself.

Now if you buy Crypto depending on the currency you use for $100 you’ll get a $10 bonus in Bitcoin. For £71.80 you’ll get £7.18 in Bitcoin.

Now that’s a good deal, you’ll already be up 10% right away.

Now Micro Wallets are places which accept lots of small Free Crypto payments, combines them, then allow you to exchange or withdraw them, which you can send to your Coinbase account.

There are a couple of Micro Wallet providers and you’ll want an account with at least the top two for the best opportunity to get Free Crypto.





You’ve now taken the first steps in generating Free Crypto, so now we’ll begin to explore Easy Crypto.

Earn Crypto

So now you want to earn crypto, well that’s easy, there are sites which for doing simple actions pay out to your microwallets.

The tasks you do will range from the stupidly simple of clicking a button to the more complex of answering a survey or installing an app on your phone, for each you earn crypto.

The basic structure of earning sites can be categorised as follows Faucet, PTC or Game.

So, faucets tend to be of the variety where you click buttons, simple and easy really.

PTC stands for Paid to Click, essential you are paid to click and view adverts.

Now there are some Game type sites that basically pay you to play.

As a basic introduction I’ll share a couple of the best for you. Lets start with Faucets, these are the top two longest running paying consistently. Also if you keep a balance over a certain amount you earn interest!

So that was a small taster of Faucets, we’ll now move onto PTC (Paid To Click), again here are two of the best to start with

And finally for a bit of fun we have the games we can earn from , truly easy to earn crypto with this one

Easy Crypto

For the easy crypto part, what we are aiming to do is level up our Microwallet accounts. By levelling them up, we gain extra rewards for doing so.

One of the benefits of levelling up, is that some of our Offerwalls have a minimum requirement of level 10.

Get to this level and start earning bigger amounts from surveys and tasks that some Offerwalls provide.

Another benefit in levelling, is that each level, you can earn bits of EXS. Every 10 levels you can earn bits of EXG With the introduction of Staking here at EC, we have decided to offer yet another great feature for levels.

For each level you have you can gain a 0.001% bonus increase on your interest rate, So for example, A level of 24 offers an increase of 0.024% Per year. (please note: the total interest amount is capped depend of the coin you are staking).


So, to introduce something new, we’re going to use Auto faucets. These sites pay crypto at regular intervals without you taking action. To begin with you have to earn credits, once you have those you click a button and leave it to do it’s magic. Every frequent little pay-out gives you experience at the Microwallet, the experience will in turn level you up.



What is PTC AVG, BEP and ROI? AVG (Average): Is the result of divide the amount of clicks of your referrals between a certain periods

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