February 28, 2020

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RandomSatoshi is a custom build earning site, it has many unique features and is updated to add new features. It’s currently at Version 1.2

Autofaucet / Flood Faucet / Faucet / Miner / Multi Coin Cryptocurrency


RandomSatoshi is a custom build earning site, it has many unique features and is updated to add new features. It's currently at Version 1.2

Currently you can earn from the individual faucets, the auto faucet and via Mining, so there is plenty of options. Payouts are made to Faucethub.

Randomsatoshi is a Micro-earning Site offering multiple ways to earn Crpytocurrency! you can claim free Cryptocurrency from our Faucets, level up your Faucethub account via their Autofaucets or Monetize your Hardware via their Web, Publisher And Software Mining!

Bitcoin BTC / Dogecoin DOGE Faucets

Coming Soon !

16 – 500 satoshi every 4 minutes!

0.25 – 10 Doge every 4 minutes!


  • Unique Design
  • High Payouts
  • Leveling system!
  • the first Upgradeable Autofaucet
  • BTC
  • DOGE
  • LTC
  • DGB
  • ETH
  • DASH
  • BLK
  • BCH
  • POT
  • ZEC
  • XMR
  • BTX
  • PPC
  • XPM

Autofaucet – What is this?

This is an Autofaucet, a concept that's based on faucets. It was first created and published by shesiresat, a coder and ex-faucetowner. With the free release of shesiresat's script autofaucets started to become very popular and encouraged many people to start their own autofaucet. This caused the autofaucet scene to drop to very low standards. RandomSatoshi with thier newest release strive to show a different side of autofaucets.

Autofaucet – How does this work?

Much like faucets, autofaucets pay you for solving a captcha/shortlink.

While faucets usually do this in a single payment, autofaucets spread this out over a certain period of time. This means that the longer the user stays on the page the more they earn.

Spreading the payout into multiple payments also allows for the user to level up their faucethub account far more quickly.

Autofaucet – First Steps

The First steps are simple!

Start by signing up / logging in to the Autofaucet. When first using the autofaucet you can either add all your Currency addresses or simply start claiming.

If you claim a currency without linking your address, your balance will be saved until you decide to add an address.

After adding the address you can withdraw your whole balance!
besides payouts your currencies should also start receiving xp and eventually level up

Autofaucet – Levelling Up!

After claiming a currency for a while you will find that it has levelled up.

Each level will increase its payout amount OR reduce its timer! This will allow you to earn even more!

This will get harder and harder the more you claim, but remember that it increases your earnings!


What are Bits? How can i use them?
Bits are a Site-Internal Currency That you Can Earn by Solving Shortlinks.

Its primary use is to fund your Autofaucetclaims, but there may be a few more uses introduced later. The upsides of the “Bits” System will allow RandomSatoshi to Offer Much More Freedom in how you use RS-Autofaucet.

It will allow them to include More Shortlinks, the ability to Cue Sessions, and it opens up many additional possibilities of funding your Sessions.

RandomSatoshi will soon be beta-testing new ways of earning bits. Mining, Watching Videos and making offers may soon come to RS! and its all thanks to the Bits System. 

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