December 9, 2018
Satoshi Labs
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This is where to start, you can faucet claim every 5 min and the reward is up to 15 satoshi's. The faucet is really easy, complete the SolveMedia Captcha, then ‘Get Reward', that's it, wait 5 minutes and do it again.

Once you have build up some Satoshi, then it's time to consider investing in Upgrades.


At Satoshi Labs homepage you can see all the upgrades you can buy.

Every upgrade will earn you Passive Income!. The passive income comes from the pool and regular production much like Cointyply. Remember its still on beta, rewards may be changed.

You must keep your Energy up otherwise your earnings go down.


To keep your energy up, you buy this with credits. Get credits from completing shortlinks, offerwalls or PTC walls.

Main Reward

The Main Reward is where you will get reward according to your current Energy.


You own a Level 1 Bunker which provides 10 Production (With current rate of 0.14 Satoshi's for every 10 production with 100 energy) and you have 90 Energy right now

The formula will be ((YourProduction/10)*0.14)*(YourCurrentEnergy/100)



Giving us 0.126 Satoshis as reward.

You must keep your energy at 100 to maximise your hourly reward.

Reward Pool

Reward pool accumulate satoshi's from every user action and each hour you get an % according to your Production Power from the pool.

Example :

Current pool = 10000 Satoshi, Total Production Power = 500 , Your Production power = 100

You own %20 of that production power, so you would receive 2000 satoshis.


Minimum withdraw amount is 1000 satoshis, all payments are sent to FaucetHub.

Payments are processed within 12 to 72 hours

Like all faucets sometimes they may run low on funds while waiting for payments from offerwalls or advertisers so your payment may be delayed.

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