February 28, 2020

StarCoins Faucet Game Guide

The battle for supremacy in space has begun. Sign up, choose your race and you get one planet free

StarCoins.ws – Crypto MMORPG

The battle for supremacy in space has begun

Sign up, choose your race and you get one planet free



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So first up you have to choose your race, just pick what you think looks good. You also get a free planet, this is where your resources come from.

There are 5 different resources;

  • Deuterium – This is mainly for purchasing things, but can also be exchanged for the other resources
  • Metal – This is mainly to repair or upgrade your ships
  • Crystal – Used in Jobs mainly
  • Energy – Used in Jobs mainly
  • Dark Matter – The main resource which can be exchanged for Crypto

Initially you'll be concerned with earning Deuterium as you don't need Buildings or Ships to produce this. Click on Resources.

Your options at this stage are Shortlink, CPU Miner (Web & Commandline) and Offerwalls.

With your earned Deuterium go back to Resources and buy your Buildings so you can harvest other Resources.

Confused, this is what you need to understand:

R: The Resources required

P: What you get back in return

Deploy More Reactors

Here you can deploy DM reactors and get a total return after 30 days between 110% and 150%. You have to collect every 24 hours, if you don't then you'll get the lower end of the return.

After 30 days your DM Reactor is spent, you can then purchase a replacement


Our next aim is to buy a ship, you can only have one at a time, so choose wisely.

Battle Ships are used in : 
– Battlezone where you can compete with other players for supremacy. 
– Dark System where you can compete with NPCs for big rewards 
– Space explore to earn Darkmatter
– Expeditions & Jobs where you earn daily rewards
– Daily bonus


Once you have your Battleship you can take on some jobs. Always do Lucky Worker each day, it's low in resources but can pay well on Dark Matter.

As for the other jobs, you have to consider Resources, Time vs Reward and Experience.

I put all of the Job details into Excel and used Deuterium as the base currency to work out the profit and loss on each Job.

Each day always to Lucky Worker, it can only be done once in every 24 hours. 

For XP do Lazy Worker has the cheapest and most XP per minute.

For Profit do Solar Satellite Protection has the best profit per minute.

Explore – Explore Planet

Here things start to get interesting, this is essentially an auto faucet / flood faucet. Choose your Coin and Time and leave the page open, the rewards will be paid to your FaucetHub account.

Like everything else it takes Resources.

Explore – Space Expeditions

Amount of expeditions is reset to 10 every day, but you may get extra from Battlezone, Dark System or other activities on site (random).

The longer the Expedition the greater the reward. You can't go on an Expedition if you are currently on a job.

Between missions you need to do a job, so pick the 15 minute one (Solar Satellite Protection).

Now repeat over until you've done it 10 times.

Rainpool – Star Rain

Click on Star Rain then Join this Pool. Add to the pool by adding
Deuterium via the Participate in this Pool.

Any activity in Jobs, Space explore, Battlezone, Resources increase your chances to get Deuterium !

Daily Bonus

Here you are rewarded for being very active, Extra bonus will be added  every time you complete the daily bonus up to 50%.


Battlezone is where you can compete with other players for supremacy.

You can't be doing Jobs or Expeditions at the same time

Boost your winning chances by upgrading your battleship in shipyard. Want a Hardcore experience? Visit Dark System for bigger rewards.

At the top left you will see your stats. You can attack 20x per day. Every hit you take will decrease your hull HP.

Before you attack someone, compare your stats and level before you attack.

There is a 5 minute timeout between battles however you can pay 3 Dark Matter to reduce it by 50%.

The player list is refreshed every 3 minutes, you can pay 10 Energy if you don't want to wait.

You lose Hull points every combat! If your Hull points reach 0 you can't fight anymore! Which means you cant attack or be attacked.

NOTE : You can be hit every 2 minutes whilst you are offline and have Hull points left.

Battlezone – Darkzone

This is where PVE happens.

You can use any amount between 50D – 50000D.

The NPC that will show up is random, you will need atleast 50D=Deuterium+ E=Energy to hit that NPC.

Choose the difficulty that you want , IF you win you get the amount Deuterium (or equivalent in Dark Matter) multiplied depending of difficulty level selected + ship XP+ XP.

Basic/">asically its random Win/Lose , it's a GAMBLE!

Battlezone – Space Explore

This is a game much like Mine Sweeper or the game in Crypto Mining Game.

You will use Deuterium + Energy (20% of used deuterium) to explore the space , in return you will get Darkmatter + XP .

Min amount to use is 50 D and max is 50000 D

You also can lose all resources which you choose to use at beginning.

It's a GAMBLE!


This is where you can repair or upgrade your Battleship.

You get free hull repairs every 30 minutes, plus you can pay Metal to repair more.

It's wise to upgrade your Shield first as it increases your max hull, regeneration and chance of blocking opponents hits. This also costs Metal.

 Deuterium and Crystal are used to upgrade other parts of your Battleship


Merchant – Export

Here you can exchange your Dark Matter for a Crypto of your choosing from the available packages

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