Other trusted earning sites

So I’ve shown you so far some of the best and most trusted earning sites out there. Now if you’ve got more time on your hands or perhaps there’s one or two you don’t like, well your in luck, here are some more super sites to earn from!


Back in the days of FaucetHub, auto or flood faucets were all the rage, Fire Faucet was always the best. Slick web design, multiple ways to earn and top paying. There is a level up system where you get bonuses as a one off and residual. Payout direct to your coin wallet or your FaucetPay wallet. Currently the best ways to earn is the super easy MoreQuizTime quizzes.


Another faucet from the days of Faucethub, supports multiple different coins, levelling system with rewards, payouts direct to your wallet. You can claim every 5 minutes plus there are games also, as you level more will be unlocked.


CLaim 3 times every 15 – 20 minutes upto 250,000 btc satoshi. (That’s about $20) both hero and moster share a balance, so use the same details for both sites. who knows maybe you’ll hit the jackpot.

Virtual mining game, doesn’t use your computer to mine. levelling system, mining room, missions, jobs and pvp combat. basic game functionality makes this a more fun way to earn. reliable payouts to your wallet.

online mining simulator, build up your mining empire. just how to we build up? well we play games and get paid bitcoin to do so!

Join this fun and easy game , be the top lab manager and get great rewards with passive income from your labs. You can cashout your earnings directly to your Bitcoin Address. Passive income from your labs productions. Second game with your lab power, where you get percentage from the main pool

Hit Bits

You can join and attack any raid which is in your level range. You can earn tokens from multiple sources, from easiest to most complicated is Faucet > Shortlinks > Raids > Offerwalls. Credits acts like final currency, you can’t exchange it back to tokens, but you can use it to get gold.You can withdraw your credits to your BTC Address or to your ExpressCrypto account 1000 Credits = $0.01

Contract-Miner was founded and created as part of ‘The Free4later Network’. Contract-Miner is a Crypto Based browser game where you create mining based contracts and at the end of the contract you will earn a reward and some experience.

As you progress through your levels you will unlock higher tiered contracts, gain access to more features and shop items.