Work equals Cash

The secret of success

This is the part which is like a job, you need to do it every day without fail or you don’t get paid. Follow the rules, pay attention, spend the time and you will be rewarded with pay.

Keep up your efforts and keep moving forward

Start slowly and your income will start slowly, but with work and consistency it’ll add up


Starting with a trickle and with time becomes a flood

Most faucets we will be using have a loyalty bonus, so by claiming each day you can multiply your earnings up to 400%. If you can claim more than once per day.

The Moon Family of Faucets

The Moon Faucets are some Of the oldest faucts, highest Paying and reliable around. we are going to start with these as they instantly pay into your coinpot wallet. ensure you sign up to each with the ‘sAME’ email address, this is very important.

Consistency is the key with these faucts as if you claim atleast daily, you can gain up to 100% bonus. Along with other bonuses you can gain upto 400% increase.

Click on the icons below in turn and sign up at each and make your first claims right away!

Want some tips to increase earnings from Moon Faucets?

You are going to need a Wallet to store your coins, plus several other payment gateways and micro wallets. The best are listed here, sign up to each one.

Now lets earn whilst we use our browser

Not only will you earn whilst using faucets and paid to click, but also when you kick back and watch Netflix and Chill. How amazing is that!

Now we move onto Part 2 of the EARN stage