Remember to claim daily from the faucets to build up your daily bonuses and rewards, skip a day, slack and you’ll loose your multipliers


Invest the time, anchor the actions into your day so to ensure you make the time


Stick to the plan, it’s tried, tested and works!

Lets Get Started

Like a Snowflake at the top of a hill rolling down and becoming a Snowball all by itself

So what we are going to do in CoinPot is convert all our coins into Bitcoin until we have 30,000 Satoshi which is 0.0003 BTC. Withdraw this to your deposit address.

Now we’ll earn interest and we’ll keep repeating this process as often as we can. The aim is to get 0.092 BTC which means we’ll be able to withdraw once per month 0.0003 BTC

When we get to that point we can stop converting all our coins in Coinpot to BTC and move on to PART 2.

Now we move onto Part 3 of the GROW stage