Remember to claim daily from the faucets to build up your daily bonuses and rewards, skip a day, slack and you’ll loose your multipliers


Invest the time, anchor the actions into your day so to ensure you make the time


Stick to the plan, it’s tried, tested and works!

So you’re probably wondering why we want to withdraw monthly, when we could just let our Bitcoin compound daily. Well like any investment, keeping all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea. Also we want to roll our profits from one project into another, then roll that into another and keep repeating. This way everything is free, it’s from hard work we put in the beginning. Also if one project reduces it’s payouts or the worst happens and folds, then you only loose a percentage not your entire hard work.


Earn up to 12% PA

Compounded Daily for BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH

StakeCube is a site which allows you to create wallets for various cryptocurrency, so nothing special there. However with popular coins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin you can earn interest upto 12% PA that compounds daily. Now that’s pretty special.

But it doesn’t end there, other coins you can stake and earn rewards.

Plus you can own fractional shares of masternodes for coins such as Dash. A Dash masternode would require you to have 1,000 Dash Coins, however at StakeCube you can own a share for 0.25 Dash. Now that brings Masternodes with our reach which is yet another way to earn an income from your Cryptocurrency.