UniClique is a Paid to Click (PTC) site which is part of the Clique Media Group. They pay out using multiple payment processors, however internally it works on USD, you can withdraw in USD or Crypto.

  • Earn up to $0.04 per click
  • Earn up to $0.02 per referral click
  • Advanced Referral Activity Filter
  • Multiple payment options

As with all PTC sites, if you have referrals, direct or indirect, you have a requirement to log in every day and click the minimum required ads that will qualify you to earn daily.

UniClique as a trusted PTC site, there is a code of conduct Advertisers need to follow so you should never find;

  • adult content
  • framebreakers
  • spamming 
  • racism
  • forced downloads
  • sites with pop-ups

There are multiple deposit and payout methods including Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, AirTM, AdvCash, Payoneer, Okpay, BlockChain, CoinPayments, CoinBase.

Something else to be aware of is, if you are a free member, you have to meet a criteria to withdraw.

Standard members and the Non-depositors are required to complete Offerwalls and watch Bonus Ads. 10% of each cash out request should be earnings generated by the Offerwall companies and/or by the Bonus Ads.

UniClique Advertisements

This is the main area for earning, you click on an add, watch, then click on the required symbol to be credited.

There are different types of Ads, this mainly means longer more profitable, but there is one type that is different.

Standard Ads > Fixed Ads > Micro Ads > Mini Ads > Tiny Ads >Pop Ads

The final type is different which is Bonus Ads, with these you don’t get to the ad until you’ve gone through all the steps in the shortener.

Quiz Time

Here you have a number of selections covering a range of topics. One of the easiest is MoreTime, it’s a nice simple would you A or B type quiz.

Watch Videos

This is a passive way to earn, you have a choice of HideoutTV and CreateAday. You can pretty much leave this running in the background in a separate browsers to earn every X amount of videos.

Survey Time

This is one of the most profitable activities, get paid for your opinions. Quite a few are repeatable, so find one that’s easy for you and repeat.

Clique Grid

UniClique’s Clique Grid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and earn credits that go directly into your credit balance! Each click will open up a sponsor’s site you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will earn $0.00010 and 0.10 credits, with these credits you can advertise your own advertisement in Clique Grid. Also for each 25 clicks you will win a little prize!

UniClique Faucet

Claim your 0.00001, click the banner first and watch 10 Seconds. Complete captcha and claim.

UniClique Pop Up Game

This is like a faucet, random wins, can play every 300 seconds for a max 30 times in 24 hours. You don’t win every time and the possible prizes are;

  • $5.00 Balance
  • $1.00 Balance
  • $0.50 Balance
  • $0.20 Balance
  • $0.10 Balance
  • $0.05 Balance
  • $0.02 Balance
  • $0.01 Balance
  • $0.001 Balance
  • $0.0002 Balance
  • $5.00 Purchase balance
  • $1.00 Purchase balance
  • $0.50 Purchase balance
  • $0.20 Purchase balance
  • $0.10 Purchase balance
  • $0.05 Purchase balance
  • $0.02 Purchase balance
  • $0.01 Purchase balance
  • $0.001 Purchase balance
  • $0.0002 Purchase balance
  • 500 PTC Credits
  • 5 PTSU Credits
  • 500 Banner Ad Credits
  • 100 Banner Ad Credits
  • 50 Banner Ad Credits
  • 25 Banner Ad Credits
  • 1 Login Ads Day(s)

Offer Walls

Offerwalls are a way for a site to ‘plug in’ extra features and earning methods. Remember if you’re a free member, you need to complete some offers before you can cash out.

UniClique’s current offer walls are;

Offertoro Offerwall
Aye-T Studio

UniClique Paid To Sign Up Offers

Find a site from the list, where you can register, click to see the offer details and follow the instructions.

Be careful and do not submit fake completions! This may cause 2 weeks ban and you will not be able to earn additionally.

PTSU Advertisers have up to 15 days to accept or deny your completion.

Task List

A nice little bonus in UniClique is you have a task list, by completing the various earning ways across the site, you then earn a bonus, which is repeatable.

Bonus Ads20 Visits
Bonus Game10 Visit
Clixgrid20 Visits
Offers10 Completed
Ptc Ads4 Visits


There are two different types, Direct which are ones you bring to the site yourself. Then there are rented referrals, these you buy from the site and are you’re for a period of time.

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