Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Update Feb 2019

So this month I am going back over Learn section of the site, doing some rewrites, formatting changes and general improvements.

As to new editions I'm working towards a payout on Bits-Pay, if sucessful then I shall release my review and guide.

Also I intend to start a much bigger task and that is to begin testing and reviewing of Auto Faucet sites, with an importance placed on error rates i.e. How long can it run unattended. Will also be looking into their resource usage (hidden miners, heavy advertising, etc)

That's my plans for this month anyway, enjoy!

Small update, I asked my fellow Faucethubbers for idea's when reviewing Autofaucets and here is what they told me, which I think is bang on;

jell587, consistent uptime is the big one. who they choose as shortlink providers is another.autofaucets have come a long way since i first started on here. as long as the FH api holds up most aren't nearly as buggy as they used to be

brianbits, I do not use the ones where the links are hidden behind drop down banners…..waste of time.

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