February 28, 2020

Update Jan 2020

So alot has changed since I wrote the content on the site, some has aged well, some other is out of date or no longer useful.

The main cause of this is the closure of Faucethub, regulators made it such they could no longer continue.

Many new players have appears since and the faucet community has fragmented because of this.

Some faucets still haven't changed their code, so although appear active, they won't pay out.

Given how new some microwallets are, it's hard to say how reliable they are.

My first priority is to update all content starting with Learning, then Earning then Investing. Once I have completed that I will concentrate on new content.

However if I discover something new whilst updating, then you may see new content along the way.

Thank you to my regular readers for sticking around, Crypto is going no where, so I will continue to write about it.

Lets enjoy the ride!

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