13 – Referrals – Affiliates

Some of our passive earning programs come with the benefits of advertising and up until now we’ve not used them, so now is the time to introduce you to what they can be used for.

An affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s product or service, the person who signs up through an affiliate is called a referral. The aim of an affiliate is to get referrals. so why would we want referrals?

Well, if we manage to get a few referrals under us they effectively multiply your efforts, as you get a percentage of their earnings or deposits.

An example is if a faucet pays you 10% of a referral’s earnings, then 10 referrals would match what you earn, and with some, this would remove you from having to actively try and earn which turns something into passive earnings. now faucets generally do not have to do anything to earn from your referrals, however, it’s quite common in PTC for you to have to click a few adverts today to earn from your referrals tomorrow.

So the question is how do we get referrals?

we’ll there are two ways (mainly in PTC), direct and rented. a direct referral is someone you’ve sent yourself, and a rented referral is someone you’ve paid for. later we’ll go into paid referrals, for now, we’ll concentrate on direct referrals.

Blogs And Webpages

If you have your own webpage or blog and you have some visitors on that page, you can post your banners with referral links. If it will attract your visitors then they join your site through your link. It makes you direct referrals quickly if you have daily visitors to your website.

You can create a blog or website on Blogger or WordPress or Wix or Weebly…. All are great sites and also they are free to create a website or blog. If you don’t interest in creating a blog or website then try the splash page.

Splash Page

Splash Page is the custom page and it is used for promoting the product or service. It is the promotion page mostly used to get direct referrals on the PTC Sites.
You can also create a page on LeadsLeap and Easyhits4u which is very easy to create and easy to edit and publish.

But the free splash pages always has some limitation.
A disadvantage of Easyhits4u splash page is heavyweight it loads slowly and it uses an iframe to display “This page is created by Easyhits4u”.

Traffic Exchange Sites

These sites are the most useful way to get maximum traffic to your blog or referral link. These sites mostly work on the 2:1 ratio. By that, it means when you visit two sites you have a return one visitor to your site.

Advertise your referral link, SPLASH PAGE in the Traffic Exchange sites to get massive traffic to your blog, SPLASH PAGE, or referral links.

Forums Marketing

Online forums are meeting places for like-minded individuals from all over the world to discuss anything from train spotting to online gaming. There are many general forums on the internet often with many subcategories within them, one example would be Google forums. On average 10,000 million people from across the globe log onto forums somewhere on the internet in one day. Some of the most popular general forums are;

The ones above are good examples of a forum, but not ones good for us in gaining referrals. from the thousands of web forums out there, we can concentrate on the forums targeted at internet marketing and PTC sites especially. By the use of these forums, we are getting involved with other PTC users, and advertisers and opening our promotion to a whole forum of other PTC users who may want to join our sites.

Forum Signature

As we know forums are meeting places for like-minded individuals in this case PTC users and PTC owners. Most PTC forums are set out in a similar way as follows. They consist of different sections like, General, New PTC Sites, Scam PTC Sites, Trusted PTC Sites, Newbies, and an Advertising section.

All forums in general have different levels of users with different levels of privileges. Normally you can tell the users standing in a forum by a badge or sticker next to their username. Most of these members are either Moderators or Admins. These users have the ability to ban and delete posts they deem appropriate. Therefore you must not violate the terms of the forum and participate on a daily basis with good helpful information and general conversation.

Most forums also allow you to have a signature. This signature is appended after all posts that you make. You can have at most up to 3 links in signatures in most of the PTC forums. You can therefore use forum signature links to promote the PTC programs you have joined.

If people join through the link you have posted in your signature you are going to get your payout for referring that individual.

To really take advantage of forums you need to take an active role within the forum and become a regular, helpful member. This involves helping newbie’s out in the forum and answering other member’s questions on any topic of your interest whether PTC related or not.

This will gain your trust within the forum and be seen as a reliable member. Getting this trust and reputation will heavily increase the clicks you receive through your signature links!

As well as building trust within forums participating on a daily basis with helpful knowledge and posts gets more of your signature links across the web.

Someone typing a query into Google may come across one of your forum posts on a particular forum and click your signature like this. So it’s important to spread your links across the forums but in a helpful manner.

To help you get started and make attractive signature links I will post some links you can change to your particular PTC site which you can then just copy & paste into the forum signature section.

Forum Signature Examples

Most forums use BB code or HTML so I will post all my examples in both of these codes. If you want to create your own signature link and do not know BB code well then here is a link to a website that will convert links to BB code.


<a href="http://www.yourPTCsitehere.com" title="Click Here to Join This New and Exciting PTC site">PTC Site Name - $0.01 Per Click - New! </a>

BB Code

[url=http://www.yourPTCsitehere.com]PTC Site Name - $0.01 Per Click - New! [/url]

Remember to make your signature links look attractive for people to click on and always say what’s unique about the site you are promoting. For example, they offer
$0.01 per Click! This is a unique factor that will draw the attention of some users to click on your signature link and hopefully sign up under you.

To make your links look even more attractive you can change the colour like this; [color=blue] text [/color].

Remember you never need to post your referral link in a post just post helpful answers and your referral links will always be there. Use forums to market your referral links effectively.

List of Forums

Here are some forums that you can use to market your PTC websites.
Register on the PTC forums. Take active participation in them. Add as many posts as you can. This will help you get popular, and develop confidence among other users, that the sites you are promoting are of good value. So go and post!! Here is a list of sites that might interest you.

Signing up to just these forums and being an active member will be enough, to begin with.

Don’t sign up for too many PTC forums and then not have enough time to spend posting good posts on each daily.

If you do this you won’t build up that reliable member status you so greatly need. So stick with at max five PTC forums and become an active member at each posting good posts daily!

Mailing Lists

Paid Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are lists of emails to which you can send marketing emails about your PTC sites. There are many services on the internet today where you can purchase a mailing advert or a solo advert. There are also services that can mass email an advert for you to around 1,000,000 email addresses, if only 1% responded to your email with your referral link in it you would generate a MASSIVE 10,000 new referrals and the earning possibilities of that are endless. One example of one of these sites is:

Create your own Mailing List

However, if you are unable to purchase a mailing list or use a mailing list I highly suggest using leadsleap, which is a mailing marketing software that allows you to collect emails using its vast array of tools to build up your own mailing list.

To begin with, create your own website or splash page for free in leadsleap To collect emails from people using your newly acquired website or splash page you need an incentive for them to put in their email. I suggest you allow the user once they have entered their email to have access to an e-book, guide or point them to my free membership site you’re using now.

This method can take a little longer than purchasing a list but it is free and can be highly effective and defiantly worth trying out.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a method internet marketers have used to market their products online. Articles generate 100% organic search engine traffic; this means people find your article by using specific keywords in search engines related to your article.

As a result of this, there is no limit to whom you can reach using article marketing. Some data shows us that 53,992,923 searches on Google are made every month for the keyword PTC. For you, this means writing articles on PTC sites could get your referral link seen by over 53 million people all interested in PTC sites. The number of referrals you would generate from this is HUGE turning your PTC income into a MASSIVE paycheck for you, monthly.

How to Write Articles

To use Article marketing to its full potential you should learn how to write good articles which search engines love. Firstly think up articles related to PTC sites or just PTC in general. You could write about one particular PTC site and how it works. Maybe you could write an article about advertising online with PTC sites or an article about how to make more money using PTC sites.

To get your article to the top ranks of Google and other search engines you need to first title your Article with a keyword phrase that is targeted directly at your niche (PTC). Go to google.com and enter in some PTC phrases for example, ‘Top 5 PTC Sites’ and it shows 50,000 results. Now try ‘How to be a winner at PTC sites’ 34,000 results. Now by looking at the number of results Google retrieves I can safely say naming my article ‘How to be a winner at PTC sites’ is going to be the best option for me. This is because the fewer search results appear on Google the easier it is going to be to hit the top stop for that search term.

You don’t want to write a good PTC article but it is on the 125 pages of Google for that search term do you? So now we have to choose a good title for our article all we need to do now is make sure the term ‘How to be a winner at PTC sites’ is repeated a few times within the article itself. We can do this by when writing your article about how to be a winner at PTC sites you use good English skills so you write an introduction, middle, and conclusion. Within each one of these paragraphs, you should write the term ‘How to be a winner at PTC sites’ at least once. Doing this will help Google rank your article highly for that specific search term.

Please be aware that when writing articles on PTC sites you need to make your article good and include a lot of useful information. As some sites such as ezinearticles.com review your article before making it live. Therefore you need to write a good article.

How to Get Referrals from Articles

Once you have successfully completed and written a PTC article you can use it to get referrals for your PTC sites. Each article you write has a bio attached to it at the bottom or top of the article. This can be seen by everyone who views your article. It normally contains your name and a bit about you and can contain a LINK!

Normally for each article, you write you can have a different bio. This means that for each article you write you can promote a different one of your PTC sites by posting a link to your PTC site in the bio section.

You can make your link more attractive for users by using some HTML which most articles sites will allow you to do. Here is an example.

<a href=http://www.yourptcsite.com”>Start Making Money From PTC Sites Now!</a>

This link will then appear at the bottom of your article so when someone has finished reading your articles they may click your link and sign up to the PTC site you are promoting using that article.

There are thousands of article directories available on the internet, but, there are only two that I personally used and find very effective. The first and the most important is http://www.ezinearticles.com and the second is http://www.GoArticles.com.

These are the most important of all the article directories. Having your articles in these article directories will help you get on top of the search engine rankings
Submit a few articles and watch the referrals build up!

PTC Advertising

Pay to Click (PTC) websites offer advertisers thousands of website hits for a relatively cheap price. PTC sites attract all kinds of advertisers but are most effective for advertisers promoting online businesses or earning opportunities. This is because the people clicking on their advertisement on the PTC site are completing that task for money so they clearly are already interested in making an income online.

The traffic PTC offers is superb to promote our chosen PTC sites as we will be getting targeted traffic viewing our advert; this means people clicking on our advert will already be interested in PTC sites as they are viewing our advert from one already.

So if you purchase 1,000 hits to your referral link from a PTC site and get 1,000 people to view your link that is already interested in PTC sites you can generate hundreds of referrals within a matter of hours.

As well as PTC traffic being directly targeted for our adverts, they are also normally at affordable prices.

How to use PTC advertising

Now as PTC traffic is going to require a small investment you should know how to use it to its best effect. All PTC sites will offer a range of advertising solutions for you, but most are ineffective, so I will guide you through the ones that aren’t.

  • Firstly you ONLY want to purchase, Paid to Click (PTC) credits. They can be called other things such as (Link Credits etc.).
  • Always purchase PTC credits across at least 4 different sites never ONLY 1
  • NEVER buy PTC credits from a site with less than 50,000 members! (These sites might offer cheaper advertising but it won’t be worth it)
  • Finally make sure you test your ad before you launch the campaign!

This method of building your referrals is highly effective and I recommend using it whenever you have enough funds. PTC websites normally allow you to pay via Payeeer, PayPal, Liberty Reserve, and sometimes even more options. Setting up a PTC advert once you have purchased your credits is really simple the site will walk you through it so don’t worry about that.

Best PTC Sites to Advertise On

Here I will list the best and most effective places to purchase PTC advertising along with their cost per 1000 PTC credits:

$0.19 Per 1,000 PTC Credits
$0.19 per 1,000 PTC credits
$0.19 per 1,000 PTC credits
$0.19 per 1,000 PTC credits
From 2.5 rub

All the sites above have over 100,000 members and are very popular PTC sites, some are more expensive but you get a longer viewing time for your advert to be shown to each person. However, all are worth a try I have seen amazing results from all of these sites. Enjoy getting hundreds of referrals from this method!

Online Ad Boards

Online ad boards is just my broad term of saying, try and post your referral link everywhere you can on the internet where it’s free to do so. Simply searching the term free ad board in Google will bring up thousands of good sites you can use but I will list a few here. Some ad boards are forums type and some are more classified-based. The idea is just to sell the PTC program and put your link at the bottom and wait for the referrals to come in!

This method can be ineffective and you may not see great results but in my eyes, every referral you can get for free is worth it.

How to promote PTC Sites on Ad Boards

When posting an advert on an Ad Board you need to do certain things to make sure you get the most out of your advert. When creating an advert for the Ad Board you need to advertise 1 PTC site only. You need to have the PTC site’s name and web address in the title of the advert, for example, www.ptcsite.com – PTC Site New!

We do this because when someone searches for a specific PTC site in this case ours our advert will come up near the top of Google. As well as posting the address and name in the title you need to post the name and web address many times in the post and IMPORTANTLY in the keywords section.

For the advert all you basically need to write is what is on the PTC website you are advertisings homepage, just copy and paste it right onto your advert and put your referral link at the bottom. Do this several times a day on many ad boards with the same advert and within days you should see your adverts being listed on Google for the search term of that specific PTC website.

Some ad boards;

This is a tiny list of ad boards you can use, I suggest searching through Google for more, bookmarking them, and posting an ad every day on each of them (it doesn’t matter if it’s the same ad).

Also be aware free ad forums are not the same as forums we talked about previously, the rules are much more flexible and allow you to literally post a loud, catchy advert with your link all over it. Normal forums won’t like this.