About Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet allows you to automatically claim all your cryptocurrencies at once in a single tab without any annoying ads or popups and without any hidden miners.

You just need to earn Auto Claims called ACP through Solving Captcha, Short links or Offer Walls to start the Autofaucet then it will run completely automatic, until your ACP runs out. Whilst the autofaucet is running you can continue to earn ACP through tasks.

There are also lots of more features like Cool Daily Bonuses, Level System, Rank rewards, and much more!

Fire Faucet

Is Fire Faucet Legit

Most definitely yes, fire faucet is legit, it pays out without fail and only occasionally runs low on a particular currency. This is very rare and it's refilled within days. It really is one of my favourite faucets which I trust fully. The site has constantly been update for years bringing new features and fixing any bugs. If you look on Twitter there are many non-bot twitter posters confirming the legitimacy that Fire Faucet is Legit.

Is Fire Faucet a Scam

Nooooo….Fire Faucet is definitely not a scam. In the past Fire Faucet has been scammed by dodgy users and sham shortlink providers, but this has never impacted the honest users. There is an active chat, which you can verify with other users that it really is not a scam in any way. Fire Faucet Scam, no way it's very clear how to earn, how much you will earn and many payout confirmations. There is no investment involved therefore no risks.

Step 1 – We need a Wallet

If we want to get paid and to successfully register at Fire Faucet

First to join Faucetpay account free because you can withdraw in Faucetpay only and your payment wallet will be linking with Faucetpay (get free web wallet address from Coinbase or Coinpayments).

Currently with the FaucetPay hack, you'll be best to use the Withdrawal to Direct Wallet for the time being. Sadly ExpressCrypto isn't available at present, but you never know if enough people request it, they may implement it.


Now onto the Fire Faucet Website to Sign Up

Register with Fire faucet by click here Firefaucet.win, simply enter your email, a password and complete the captcha, your registration is now completed. You may be sent a verification e-mail so ensure you use a good e-mail account, you only get e-mails to validate withdrawals, Fire Facet will not spam you.

I've been using them for about 3 years and have never had any spam from them as the source. Personally I'd still use an e-mail set aside for your Cryptocurrency activities, that way it doesn't interfere wih your main mail account.

Step 3 – Fire Faucet Wallets

To ensure we can get a payout we must record our wallets. Currently payous are capped at $10 per day.

Firefaucet.win is an auto faucet service that automatically sends bitcoin & other coins to your Coinpayments.net or CoinBase (Direct Wallet) or to a microwallet service such as Faucetpay account.

Direct wallets you setup under Wallet Address from the menu.

For Faucetpay you setup under Settings using the e-mail address you registered to Faucetpay with.

If you want to increase you're daily withdrawal limit you can buy a premium membership which increases your daily withdrawal limits to currently $25.

Step 4 – Fire Faucet ACP

ACP is the internal currency of Fire Faucet, ACP stands for Auto Claim Points

There are several ways to earn ACP on the site, so if you don't like one there are plenty of others to choose from.

First up they have their Daily Bonus, you earn a random amount of ACP by completing a Captcha. This can be done once per day which reset daily at Midnight UCT.

Next we have the faucet, again you earn a random amount of ACP by completing a Captcha. You can do this every 30 minutes. Along with the ACP you also earn activity points, we'll talk about this later.

Another easy way is the FireFaucet PTC, you get 50 ACP per advert you view. There is usually 4 – 7 adverts per day, but check back as new ones become available at any time. Today I saw 12 Adverts, so this can be a good quick 50 ACP a time

By completing tasks you earn rewards in the Daily Tasks which reset daily at Midnight UCT. Depending on the complexity and amount to tasks the rewards are more for the harder challenges.

Shortlinks are where a link has been shortened usually on the internet they are used to shortern a long url, to clock the link or to track browser behaviour. A new breed of shortening services have come about and they monitize the links by displaying adverts and pay a percentage of the revenue over. Fire Faucets pays you in ACP according to the reward they get. Currently you can earn 40 – 90 ACP per link. Be aware the most rewarding ones carry alot of ads, popups and fraud/scam advertisements.

Last of all we have Offerwalls, this is probably the most lucrative way to earn ACP. The hardest but most rewarding are the survey sites. Some even have tasks you can complete like installing a game on your mobile phone. Definitely a popular choice at the moment is MoreTime, which give you a quiz simple A/B answers.

Step 5 – Fire Faucet Auto Claim

Now once you've earn yourself Auto Claim Points (ACP), you can spend them on the Fire Faucet Auto Claim. First you need to select the coins you'd like to claim and then click the ‘Start Auto Faucet' button to begin your Fire Faucet Auto Claim.

Once you've claimed once the settings will be stored, so you will in future have access to the ‘Quickstart Auto Faucet' button which is a picture of a lightening bolt in the top right of the website. This will start your Auto Claim using the same settings you last used.

Under Settings, you are able to adjust claim times and multipliers but remember this will use more ACP, it's all explained in the settings screen.

Levels, Bonuses, Daily Rank Rewards, Daily Achievements

Other ways to earn through your actives and participation in the site

Through your use of the site, you will earn Activity points, different actions earn different amounts. In addition to Rank Rewards, you also earn guaranteed amount of coins every time you level up. Your ‘Activity Points' work as ‘EXP' which helps you level up.

As you can see below the rewards are paid in Bitcoin Satoshi, but in your wallet you can exchange them to any of the other coins you want.

Fire Faucet Level
Fire Faucet Level

So another benefit to activity is Rank Rewards. Get paid for staying active on site! They reward their top 10 active users everyday! Ranks are updated every 5 minutes.

Activity points are used to determing activity of users, like the more they claim, do shortlinks, do faucets, or refer friends, they earn Activity points.

Shortlinks50 points / Shortlink
Offerwalls10% of ACP earned value
Faucet10 points / Claim
PTC Ads20 points / advertisement
Auto Claiming1 points every claim cycle
Daily Rewards5 to 20 points
Donation10% of ACP value / 100 points for each 0.01$ donated

Fire Faucet Happy Hour

The Fire Faucet Happy hour will be active on both Saturdays and Sundays on weekend. It will be 2 times on both days, at 02:00 AM UTC and 14:00 UTC respectively.

Everyone will get 50% bonus on all auto claims! Happy hour will last 1 hour. You will get a notification 3 hours before happy hour starts on Dashboard.

From time to time there may be longer Happy Hours, so it's worth paying attention so you claim at the most beneficial times if you want the most profit.

Prime Membership

You can enjoy additional Fire Faucet features by paying a small fee.
Some of the features include : No popups, 10x exchange fees reduction, increase daily exchange and $25 withdrawal limit. The longer you take membership the greater discounts that are offered.

The Best Way To Earn ACP

Currently THE BEST way to earn ACP is via the Offerwall on JungleOfferWall, you go through a slide show of 40 pages and get over 1000 ACP each time, doesn't take long and far easier than shortlinks. Not if you're not using your computer for a while there is EngagedHits, which you get paid about 700 ACP for each 10 videos played. EASY PEASY, THE BEST WAY

For a bit more effort, then I recommend TheoremReach as that gives you the highest pay-out in ACP and helps with levelling, it's one of the best offer wall survey providers.
Having tested a number of Survey Providers on Offerwalls, I've found most screen you out but not before you've wasted alot of your time and then pay you nothing.
TheoremReach plays fair, pays what it's says, and if the survey kicks you out half way through, TheoremReach will pay you half how fair is that!
No longer will you be wasting your time completing endless surveys to be screen out, not paid, chargebacked or other underhand way to wriggle out of paying you.


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